Tag: Halil Ibrahim Cosgun

CVE-2020-17506 and CVE-2020-17505 exploitation detection (Artica Proxy)

By today’s post, we want to inform you about several vulnerabilities recently discovered in Artica Proxy, a system enabling users with basic technical skills to manage a proxy server in a transparent mode, as well as connection to AD and OpenLDAP, version 4.30. The freshly reported CVE-2020-17506 vulnerability of Artica Proxy enables hackers to abuse […]

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Detection Content: CVE-2019-16759 exploitation with new method

Today, we would like to put a notice about the CVE-2019-16759 vulnerability in vBulletin, the most extensively used forum software, observed for version 5 and higher. The vulnerability affords hackers an opportunity to run remote commands via the widgetConfig[code] parameter in an HTTP POST request and depending on the user’s permissions in vBulletin, receive control […]

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