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Transforming Threat Detection

Evolve threat detection capability
Increase threat hunting velocity
Accelerate SOC effectiveness
Turn collaboration into security innovation
Where Individual Expertise Builds Up

Collaborative Cyber Defense

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Accelerating Threat Detection to Power Your SOC

38x better threat coverage

SOC Prime curates 7,500+ unique content items for the latest threats, CVEs, and exploits with over 140 new detections added each month.

25+ integrations continuously expanded

SOC Prime's platform is enriched with standard-based Sigma rules ensuring seamless integration with your SIEM, EDR and XDR solution.

70% improvement in threat detection

SOC Prime’s customers boost the effectiveness of their security technologies as benchmarked against MITRE ATT&CK® dynamic coverage.

Maximize Threat Management Resources

SOC Prime allows threat hunters to focus 100% on identification, remediation, and
incident response rather than on crafting detection content from scratch.

Deploy Expertise-as-a-Service

We’re pioneers in harnessing the collaborative expertise of 23,000+ cybersecurity
professionals to enable security teams to detect threats easier, faster, and more efficiently.

Enable Future-Proof SOC Operations

Sigma-based detections are community-driven, technology-neutral, and future-proof
ensuring flexibility and support for any SOC solution architecture.

SOC Prime’s Detection as Code Platform

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Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats
Supercharge SOC operations with the world’s largest collection of detection content to enrich any security solution in use. Empower your team to proactively defend against digital attacks with curated, context-enriched detections ready to deploy in less than 24 hours after threat discovery.
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Enhance Threat Hunting Capabilities
Accelerate your proactive and retrospective Threat Hunting with behavior-based detections and cyber threat intelligence. Focus on real threats most relevant to your business to instantly run high-quality hunts customized to your environment needs.
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Maximize the Efficiency of Your Cyber Defense
Track your team’s threat detection progress and apply measures to gauge ROI, benchmark against industry peers, and illustrate MITRE ATT&CK® coverage. Execute around strategic detection objectives and fill potential gaps to drive more productivity and team collaboration.
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Enable Continuous Threat Coverage
Automate your content deployment and management from a single place with no time wasted on complex configuration and fine-tuning. Stream customized, deployment-ready detection content, created through the collaboration of the global experts directly into your SIEM, EDR & XDR environment.
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Trusted by Industry Leaders Across the Globe

More than 7,000 enterprises, governments, and MDRs worldwide rely on SOC Prime as a trusted partner.


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