SOC Prime Selected as a Finalist in the 2022 SC Awards

Company’s Recognition for Excellence Awards Finalist in the Most Promising Early-Stage Startup Category Ranked as the industry’s most prestigious and competitive accomplishment, the SC Awards recognizes future-proof solutions, progressive organizations, and leaders that are driving innovation and transforming cybersecurity. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the SC Awards initiative, which includes two main award […]

Threat Bounty Program
SOC Prime Threat Bounty — April 2022 Results

In April, the Threat Bounty Program members contributed to the defense of the global community against the most recent cyber threats. Notably, the keen members of the Threat Bounty community have contributed detections helping to withstand recent FIN7 attacks, the TraderTraitor Malware,  Quantum Ransomware, and many others. Read More Go to Platform April ‘22 Results […]

SOC Prime Update
SOC Prime Introduces Industry-First Search Engine for Threat Hunting, Threat Detection, and CTI

Instant Access to Sigma Rules and Relevant Context on Cyber Threats SOC Prime announces the release of a first-of-its-kind search engine for Threat Hunting, Threat Detection, and Cyber Threat Intelligence. This innovation is designed to enable cybersecurity professionals to instantly discover usable and relevant information on cyber threats including dedicated Sigma rules and on-the-fly translations […]

Webinar: Simplify Security Operations at Scale with Humio & SOC Prime

In 2020, SOC Prime added support for the Humio modern log management platform, enabling security practitioners to search for and detect the latest threats with Sigma rules automatically converted to the Humio cloud-native format. Currently, SOC Prime’s platform curates over 7,500 Humio alerts and queries.  Secure your spot at the upcoming webinar “Simplify Security Operations […]

Threat Bounty Program March
SOC Prime Threat Bounty — March 2022 Results

During the previous month, the attention and experience of the cybersecurity experts were especially required to help the industry withstand emerging devastating threats. Devoted members of the Threat Bounty community provided detections to protect against such threats as HermeticWiper, the FoxBlade malware, the attack of APT41 against the U.S. state government networks, exploitations of the […]

Defend with the Power of Sigma: SOC Prime Introduces a Charity-Based Subscription to Help Save the Lives of Ukrainians

100% of the Subscription Revenue Goes to the Come Back Alive Foundation Today, we have launched the release of a pre-order charity-based subscription with 100% of revenue going to the Come Back Alive Foundation, the largest non-governmental Ukrainian organization that uses funds to supply technology, training, and accouterments to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. You […]

SOC Prime Introduces the Onboarding Wizard for its Detection as Code Platform

Step-By-Step Guided Instruction: Get Started Quickly to Unleash the Full Power of the Platform’s Capabilities    We are thrilled to announce the release of an onboarding wizard designed to simplify the onboarding experience for the SOC Prime Platform. The newly released functionality is designed to assist SOC Prime users with driving immediate value:  Enable the guided […]

Uncoder CTI Promo
SOC Prime Unlocks Free Access to Uncoder CTI

Hunt at No Cost Through May 25, 2022 Furthering its mission to transform threat detection, SOC Prime has boosted threat hunting velocity by continuing to evolve its Detection as Code platform. Uncoder CTI powered by SOC Prime’s platform allows security researchers to automatically convert IOCs of multiple types into custom queries enabling instant IOC searching […]

SOC Prime’s Platform Now Supports LimaCharlie4
SOC Prime’s Detection as Code Platform Now Supports LimaCharlie EDR/XDR

SOC Prime’s Detection as Code platform, the world’s largest and most advanced platform for collaborative cyber defense, integrates with 25+ SIEM, EDR, and XDR formats and continuously broadens the support for cloud-based cybersecurity solutions. We are thrilled to announce SOC Prime’s integration with LimaCharlie enabling security professionals to obtain the most relevant detection content tailored […]

SOC Prime Unlocks Free Hunting Content to Defend Against Russia-Backed Cyber Threats

On February 24, 2022, Russia ignored international law and long-standing diplomatic agreements to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine by land, sea, and air. Disinformation campaigns continue to try and hide the facts that the Russian aggression has abandoned the basic principles of humanity, killing civilians, destroying cities, and creating a massive humanitarian crisis as […]