SOC Prime Threat Bounty —  December 2022 Results

December ‘22 Publications During the last month of the year 2022,  Threat Bounty developers managed to submit 441 rules to review by SOC Prime Team for a chance of publication to the Platform for monetization. The submitted rules were reviewed by a team of seasoned engineers, and based on the collective decisions, 126 rules were […]

SOC Prime Introduces The Prime Hunt

Simplify Threat Investigation with a Single UI for All Threat Hunters, Right Within Your Browser SOC Prime launches The Prime Hunt v 1.1.1, an open-source browser extension for threat hunting that acts as the industry-first platform-agnostic UI for all threat hunters, no matter what SIEM or EDR they use. The tool enables security engineers to […]

Threat Bounty Program November
SOC Prime Threat Bounty —  November 2022 Results

November ‘22 Publications During the previous month, members of Threat Bounty community submitted 433 rules for publication to the SOC Prime Platform. A number of rules were automatically rejected on the stage of automated checks because of structure, syntax, logic mistakes, or content duplication and were not sent to review by SOC Prime experts. In […]

SOC Prime Platform now supports MITRE ATT&CK v12
SOC Prime Platform Now Supports the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework v12 

MITRE ATT&CK is a globally-accessible knowledge base leveraged by all cyber defenders no matter their role in cybersecurity and the technology stack in use. Acting as a periodic table, the MITRE ATT&CK framework enables cybersecurity experts to profile, identify, and compare threat actors, while setting priorities for threat detection goals. Leveraging MITRE ATT&CK, the global […]

SOC Prime Launches Sigma Rules Bot for Threat Bounty 

Create, Verify, and Get Sigma Rules Published via Slack SOC Prime is thrilled to announce that Sigma Rules Bot for Threat Bounty is now released to the Slack App Directory. Monetizing your Detection Engineering skills has never been easier! Join Threat Bounty Program, install the Bot to your Slack, and that’s it. Instantly craft your […]

Cyber Monday Promo 2022
SOC Prime’s Cyber Monday Deal 2022: Get Bonus Sigma Rules of Your Choice & Unlimited Hunting Capabilities 

We are thrilled to announce our Cyber Monday promotion to help our committed SOC Prime users enhance their cyber defense capabilities. As part of this special offer, each SOC Prime user who purchases our On Demand subscription gains a brilliant opportunity to receive an exclusive Cyber Monday offer for 20% more premium detection content on […]

SOC Prime Threat Bounty — October 2022 Results

October ‘22 Publications In October, the members of Threat Bounty Program actively contributed detections for critical emerging threats. After the SOC Prime validation, 256 detections were successfully released on the Platform and thus were included into monetization based on the client’s activities. Read Blog Explore Detections However, 375 rules were rejected to be published. SOC […]

SOC Prime Completes SOC 2 Type II Audit
SOC Prime Achieves SOC 2 Type II Compliance for the Second Year in a Row

Independent Audit Once Again Verifies SOC Prime’s Compliance with the SOC 2® Requirements  We are thrilled to announce that SOC Prime has once again successfully completed the SOC 2 Type II audit conducted by I.S. Partners, LLC, one of the industry-leading internal controls attestation firms certified by the PCI Council as a Qualified Security Assessor. […]

Sigma2SaveLives: Equip Yourself with Curated Sigma Rules While Donating to Save Lives in Ukraine

On April 4, 2022, SOC Prime launched Sigma2SaveLives charity subscription with 100% of revenue going to the Come Back Alive Foundation, the largest non-governmental Ukrainian organization that uses funds to supply technology, training, and accouterments to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Until now, SOC Prime’s customers from all over the world helped us to accumulate […]

SOC Prime Threat Bounty — September 2022 Results

September ‘22 Publications In September, members of the Threat Bounty Community submitted 441 rules for review by the SOC Prime team via the Developer Portal and Sigma rules Slack Bot. However, only 183 rules have successfully passed the verification and were approved for publication on the SOC Prime Platform. When creating new rules and submitting […]