Threat Detection Marketplace 4.7.0 – Continuous Content Management Updates

To power the continuous threat coverage and promote customers’ ability to stay up to date with the latest compatible SOC content, we are consistently improving the automation capabilities of our Detection as Code platform. The latest Threat Detection Marketplace version 4.7.0 ensures even more smooth content streaming directly to the security tool of your choice […]

Threat Detection Marketplace 4.7.0 Is Released

On April 7, 2021, we released Threat Detection Marketplace version 4.7.0 to reinforce the existing capabilities of our Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform and fulfill the requests of our customers. With this latest update, we’ve introduced a new login and signup page, provided Google Chronicle sorting option enhancements, extended the Calendly integration within Threat Detection Marketplace functionality, […]

SOC Prime’s Detection as Code Platform Is Now Available In Microsoft Azure Marketplace

To enhance the Threat Detection Marketplace support for Azure Sentinel and reinforce SOC Prime’s collaboration with Microsoft, in April 2021, our Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform was added to the list of services available in Azure Marketplace. Get a Threat Detection Marketplace subscription to reach continuous threat coverage with 6K+ curated SOC content items tailored to the […]

Threat Detection Marketplace 4.6.0: Major Continuous Content Management Updates

Continuous Content Management Updates To boost your threat detection and response speed, we are constantly mastering our Continuous Content Management (CCM) module that enables automated SOC content streaming directly into the security solution of your choice. The latest Threat Detection Marketplace version 4.6.0 brings in major innovations to the CCM functionality, including the expanded list […]

Cyber Library – Your Free Pass to Cybersecurity Knowledge

On March 15, 2021, we announced the release of our Education Portal, a brand-new knowledge-sharing space for security performers that provides direct access to free cybersecurity resources, including how-to content guides and webinars hosted by the SOC Prime experts and our partners. Since then, the portal has acquired a new name of Cyber Library and […]

Threat Detection Marketplace 4.6.0 Is Released

On March 24, 2021, we released version 4.6.0 of Threat Detection Marketplace to enhance the existing capabilities of our Detection as Code platform. With this latest upgrade, we’ve launched the Calendly integration to provide on-the-fly communication with the Customer Success Team and added the ability for our customers to invite their colleagues and peers to […]

SOC Prime Strengthens its Executive Team with a Group of Renowned Industry Experts

Boston, MA — SOC Prime, Inc., the leader in Detection as Code and Continuous Security Intelligence, announced today that Till Jäger (VP of Sales Engineering), Anton Goncharov (Chief Product Officer), Andreas Süß (Chief Strategy Officer), and Joachim Kühne (VP of Sales) joined its Executive Team. At SOC Prime, we are united by a common mission […]

Education Portal in Threat Detection Marketplace

One of our key missions is not only to make threat detection easier by delivering Detection as Code operations to the worldwide cybersecurity community, but also to help security enthusiasts hone their threat hunting skills and gain access to a broad collection of FREE educational resources.  Driven by this mission, we’ve created the Education Portal […]

Skyrocketing Continuous Security Intelligence

We are happy to announce that we have hit another major milestone on the way to delivering continuous security intelligence to the worldwide community. In a strong collaboration between the SOC Prime Team and our Threat Bounty Developer Program members, at the beginning of March 2021, we reached the number of 100,000 Detection and Response […]

Threat Detection Marketplace 4.4.3 Is Released

On February 25, 2021, we released version 4.4.3 of Threat Detection Marketplace to provide our customers with an even more streamlined and smooth experience while using our content-as-a-service (CaaS) platform. The latest release introduces translation enhancements, implements new Intercom service, pushes the Dashboard page redesign as well as fixes minor bugs and inconsistencies. Translation Enhancements […]