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Detecting Abused Legitimate Tools Applied by Hackers in the Human-Operated Ransomware Attacks

With the constantly changing cyber threat landscape and the increasing sophistication of the adversary toolkit, information exchange between cybersecurity experts is of paramount value.  On January 25 and 26, 2023, the global cyber defender community welcomed the sixth JSAC2023 conference for security analysts aimed to boost their expertise in the field. This annual cybersecurity event […]

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Ferrari Discloses a Data Breach
Ferrari Data Breach Disclosed: Attackers Gain Access to the Company’s Network While Demanding Ransom to Prevent Data Leakage

The massive cyber incident at Ferrari that compromised some of the company customers’ personal data has recently hit the headlines. Ferrari, the Italian industry-leading car manufacturer, covered the company’s data breach after threat actors that gained access to part of the organization’s IT infrastructure demanded a ransom not to leak the stolen data. Ferrari uncovered […]

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Black Basta ransomware detection
Detecting QakBot Malware Campaign Leading to Black Basta Ransomware Infections

Ransomware is a number one threat posing a significant menace to security defenders worldwide, with the attack trend constantly growing throughout 2021-2022. Recently, security experts revealed a massive QakBot malware campaign increasingly targeting U.S.-based vendors to deliver Black Basta ransomware.  During the last decade of November 2022, at least 10 businesses in the United States […]

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Black Basta Ransomware Attack Detection
Black Basta Ransomware Attack Detection: Recent Malicious Campaigns Using New Custom Tools Attributed to the FIN7 Group

The Black Basta ransomware group emerged in the cyber threat arena in April 2022. Although the hacking collective can be considered relatively new to the cyber offensive domain, they have already gained a notorious reputation for rapidly evolving its adversary toolkit and adapting more sophisticated tools. Cybersecurity researchers tie the latest activity of Black Basta […]

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Magniber Ransomware Detection
Magniber Ransomware Detection: Threat Actors Spread JavaScript Files Targeting Windows Users

Throughout 2021-2022, ransomware continues to be one of the dominant trends in the cyber threat landscape, illustrated by the increasing sophistication of intrusions and a rapidly growing number of ransomware affiliates. Cybersecurity researchers warn of the ongoing malicious campaigns, which target Windows users and distribute Magniber ransomware disguised as software updates. Detect Magniber Ransomware Magniber […]

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BlackByte ransomware disabling EDR protection
BlackByte Ransomware Detection: Threat Actors Exploit CVE-2019-16098 Vulnerability in RTCore64.sys Driver to Bypass EDR Protection

BlackByte ransomware reemerges in the cyber threat arena exploiting a security flaw in legitimate drivers to disable EDR products on compromised devices. Cybersecurity researchers have revealed that ransomware operators apply an advanced adversary technique dubbed “Bring Your Own Driver” enabling them to bypass security products and spread infection on vulnerable machines. Detect BlackByte Ransomware Used […]

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Novel Cheerscrypt Ransomware
Cheerscrypt Ransomware Detection: China-Backed Hackers, Emperor Dragonfly aka Bronze Starlight, Are Behind Ongoing Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity researchers have recently uncovered novel Cheerscrypt Linux-based ransomware. The delivery of ransomware strains has been linked to the China-backed group Emperor Dragonfly also tracked as Bronze Starlight. The hacking collective was also spotted in earlier cyber attacks spreading encrypted Cobalt Strike beacons after gaining initial access to VMware Horizon servers and exploiting the infamous […]

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LAUSD Ransomware Attack: Vice Society Claims Compromising the Largest School District in the US

Ransomware operators constantly seek lucrative and feasible extortion opportunities, affecting a wide array of organizations across industries. One of the latest examples of successful breaches is the Vice Society gang’s attack against the Los Angeles Unified School District that happened over the Labor Day weekend. The attack caused widespread disruption, affecting several information management systems. […]

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What is Ransomware Detection? How to Detect Ransomware

The method of a secure cryptographic key exchange was introduced by Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman in 1976. Cool thing about the public and private key pair is that the decryption key cannot be deciphered in any way from an encryption key.  This feature is exactly what’s exploited by ransomware actors who encrypt data and […]

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Agenda Ransomware
Golang-Based Agenda Ransomware Detection: New Strain Began Sweeping Across Asia and Africa

Researchers warn of a new ransomware family: a novel strain called Agenda sails in, targeting healthcare and education entities. Similar to another emerging piece written in Go language (aka Golang) dubbed BianLian, this cross-platform threat is gaining popularity with affiliates for its versatility and easy-to-tweak elements of the campaign, including encryption extension, personalized ransomware note […]

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