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CVE-2022-32223 Detection: New Vulnerability in Node.js

Researchers discovered that Node.js, an open source server environment, is susceptible to dynamic link library (DLL) hijacking if OpenSSL is installed on the target. The affected versions include all of the 16.x, and 14.x releases lines. Detect CVE-2022-32223 To timely identify possible system breaches through the exploitation of the CVE-2022-32223 flaw, download a Sigma rule […]

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ToddyCat APT Targets Microsoft Exchange Servers to Deploy Samurai Backdoor and Ninja Trojan

Meet a novel player in the cyber threat arena! Starting from late 2020 security experts are tracking a new APT collective, dubbed ToddyCat, which was spotted targeting Microsoft Exchange servers in Europe and Asia to deploy custom malware samples. Among the malicious strains distributed by the ToddyCat are previously unknown Samurai backdoor and Ninja Trojan […]

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