Continuous Content Management
SOC Prime Introduces Continuous Content Management

SOC Prime Introduces Fully Automated System of Continuous Content Management Continuous Content Management (CCM) is an add-on module for SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace. In the November release, we introduced the Automated Content Management system to create a more intuitive platform experience. Here we are going to cover the principal capabilities of the CCM module […]

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Sumo Logic Integration with Threat Detection Marketplace

SOC Prime is always striving to extend the support for the most popular SIEM, EDR, NSM and other security tools, including cloud-native solutions, to add more flexibility to Threat Detection Marketplace. This enables security performers to use the tools they prefer most and solves the problem of migration to another back-end environment.  We are thrilled […]

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SOC Prime & Humio Integration: Technical Highlights

SOC Prime operates the largest and most advanced platform for collaborative cyber defense enabling global organizations to efficiently search for emerging threats at lightning speed. SOC Prime’s Detection as Code platform curates the most up-to-date Sigma-based threat detection content and integrates with more than 25 SIEM, EDR, and XDR platforms. An extensive collection of 180,000+ […]

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Continuous Compliance as a Code P1: Sigma

Compliance has always been a sort of Reactive process since standards are long, take tons of effort and a while to update, even more time to implement and the audit process happens once a year. Coming from the SIEM world I was dealing with Compliance through a prism of canned reports which usually return empty […]

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