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Atom Silo Ransomware
Detecting Atom Silo Ransomware Infections

Ransomware actors attempt to stay at the forefront of the malicious trends in their strive for bigger profits. Recently, security researchers spotted a new threat actor leveraging a critical vulnerability in Atlassian Confluence (CVE-2021-26084) to proceed with ransomware infections. Dubbed Atom Silo, the gang relies on CVE-2021-26084 alongside several novel evasion techniques to fly under […]

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Threat Bounty
SOC Prime Threat Bounty — September 2021 Results

In April 2019, SOC Prime announced a crowdsourcing initiative to unite the cyber security community to withstand emerging threats. Since the launch of the Threat Bounty Program, SOC Prime welcomed 300+ participants who published 2300+ Sigma rules, 100+ YARA rules, 25+ Snort Rules to Threat Detection Marketplace repository of the SOC Prime Platform.  More than […]

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Why Facebook Was Down
What Is BGP and How Its Failure Took Facebook Down?

On October 4, 2021, Facebook – and all the major services Facebook owns – went down for approximately six hours. The social media “blackout” started at 11:40 Eastern Time (ET) right after Facebook Domain Name System (DNS) records had become unavailable. The incident analysis from Cloudflare details that DNS names for Facebook just stopped resolving, […]

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FoggyWeb Detection
FoggyWeb Backdoor Detection

Microsoft has recently uncovered yet another piece of malware leveraged by the infamous NOBELIUM APT group since spring 2021. The new threat, dubbed FoggyWeb, acts as a post-exploitation backdoor able to exfiltrate information from Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) servers. Malware has been used in targeted attacks against multiple organizations globally while staying unnoticed […]

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Detect CVE-2021-41773: Path Traversal Zero-Day in Apache HTTP Server

Last week security researchers identified a severe security hole affecting Apache HTTP Server. The flaw (CVE-2021-41773) enables unauthorized adversaries to access the sensitive data stored on the web server via a path traversal attack. The vulnerability immediately drove the attention of hackers being massively exploited in the wild despite the patch released on October 5, […]

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ZLoader detection
Detecting Zloader Campaigns

Notorious Zloader banking Trojan is back with a brand new attack routine and evasive capabilities. Latest Zloader campaigns leverage a new infection vector switching from spam and phishing to malicious Google ads. Furthermore, a sophisticated mechanism to disable Microsoft Defender modules helps Zloader to fly under the radar.  According to the researchers, the latest shift […]

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Enable Continuous Content Management with the SOC Prime Platform

With the release of the SOC Prime Platform for collaborative cyber defense, threat hunting, and threat discovery, the capabilities to fully automate detection content streaming have been also taken to a new level. Now, the Continuous Content Management module is available to all users registered on the SOC Prime Platform with a corporate email address, […]

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Detect Critical VMware vCenter Vulnerability (CVE-2021-22005) Exploitation Attempts

On September 24, 2021, CISA issued an alert warning about multiple exploitation attempts for а critical vulnerability (CVE-2021-22005) in VMware vCenter Server. A heavy number of scans for the vulnerable servers broke forth after the Vietnamese security researcher Jang published an incomplete exploit for CVE-2021-2205. Jang’s technical notes were enough for experienced hackers to produce […]

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Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell Attack
Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell Attack Detection

Thousands of Microsoft Exchange servers remain vulnerable to ProxyShell remote code execution vulnerabilities despite the patches issued in April-May. To make things even worse, security researchers are observing a significant spike in scans for vulnerable Exchange servers, after the technical overview of the ProxyShell attack was revealed at the Black Hat conference on August 4-5, […]

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interview Onur Atali
Interview with Threat Bounty Developer: Onur Atali

Meet the latest newscast about the SOC Prime Developers community! Today we want to introduce Onur Atali, a keen developer contributing to our Threat Bounty Program since June 2021. Onur is an active content creator, concentrating his efforts on Sigma rules. You can refer to Onur’s detections of the highest quality and value in Threat […]

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