Somnia Malware Detection
Somnia Malware Detection: UAC-0118 aka FRwL Launches Cyber Attacks Against Organizations in Ukraine Using Enhanced Malware Strains

Since the outbreak of the global cyber war, cyber attacks against Ukraine and its allies leveraging info-stealers and malicious payloads have been causing a stir in the cyber threat arena. In the latest cyber attack on the Ukrainian organization, threat actors have applied a diverse offensive toolkit, including the Vidar info-stealer and the notorious Cobalt […]

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Armageddon APT aka UAC-0010 Reemerges
Armageddon APT Hacker Group aka UAC-0010 Spreads Phishing Emails Masquerading as the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine

The russia-linked Armageddon APT aka Gamaredon or UAC-0010 has been launching a series of cyber attacks on Ukraine since the outbreak of the global cyber war. On November 8, 2022, CERT-UA released the latest alert detailing the ongoing spearphishing campaign of this russia-backed cyber-espionage hacking collective, in which adversaries massively distribute spoofed emails masquerading as […]

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RomCom Backdoor Detection: Cyber Attack on Ukrainian State Bodies Attributed to Cuba Ransomware Operators aka Tropical Scorpius (UNC2596) Group

In May 2022, Cuba ransomware maintainers resurfaced marking their loud entrance into the cyber threat arena by leveraging a novel custom remote access Trojan called ROMCOM (or RomCom) RAT. On October 22, 2010, CERT-UA warned the global cyber defender community of the ongoing phishing campaigns targeting Ukrainian officials with the email sender masquerading as the […]

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AgentTesla Mass Distribution
AgentTesla Spyware Massively Distributed in Phishing Campaigns Targeting Ukrainian, Austrian, and German Organizations

On August 30 and 31, 2022, CERT-UA revealed a burst of adversary activity massively distributing phishing emails among Ukrainian, Austrian, and German organizations. According to the corresponding CERT-UA#5252 alert, hackers exploit the email attachment vector spreading the notorious AgentTesla info-stealing malware. The malicious activity can be attributed to the behavior patterns of the hacking collective […]

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Armageddon APT aka UAC-0010 Uses GammaLoad and GammaSteel Malware in Targeted Cyber-Attacks on Ukraine

With the outbreak of the global cyber war, the malicious activity of the Armageddon cyber-espionage group aka Gamaredon or UAC-0010 has been in the limelight in the cyber threat arena targeting Ukrainian state bodies. The hacking collective launched a series of phishing cyber-attacks, including campaigns in May spreading GammaLoad.PS1_v2 malware and in April 2022. On […]

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Armageddon APT aka UAC-0010 Resurfaces
Armageddon Threat Actors aka UAC-0010 Spread GammaLoad.PS1_v2 Malware in Yet Another Phishing Attack on Ukraine

In spring 2022, the notorious Russian nation-backed cyber espionage group Armageddon, also tracked as UAC-0010, launched a series of targeted phishing cyber-attacks against Ukrainian and European state bodies. On July 26, 2022, CERT-UA issued a series of new cybersecurity alerts warning the global cyber defender community of a wave of novel phishing campaigns by these […]

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Formbook and Snake Keylogger Infostealers
Formbook and Snake Keylogger Information Stealers Massively Distributed Via Email Using RelicRace and RelicSource Malware

Information stealing attacks that leverage the phishing email attack vector against Ukrainian organizations are currently on the rise, such as the malicious campaign less than one week ago spreading AgentTesla spyware and targeting Ukrainian state bodies. On July 25, 2022, CERT-UA released a new heads-up warning the global cyber defender community of an ongoing email […]

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AgentTesla Spyware Detection
AgentTesla Information-Stealing Malware Delivered in Cyber-Attacks on Ukrainian Government Entities

Due to the global cyber war fueled by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the attacks in the cyber domain against Ukrainian government entities are continuously on the rise. A week after the phishing campaign by the UAC-0056 group delivering Cobalt Strike Beacon, another cyber-attack targeting Ukrainian officials using information-stealing malware comes on the scene.   On […]

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UAC-0056 Threat Actors Deliver Cobalt Strike Beacon
UAC-0056 Threat Actors Deliver Cobalt Strike Beacon Malware in Yet Another Phishing Campaign Against Ukraine

Hot on the heels of the cyber-attack on July 5 targeting Ukrainian state bodies and attributed to the notorious UAC-0056 hacking collective, yet another malicious campaign launched by this group causes a stir in the cyber domain. On July 11, 2022, cybersecurity researchers at CERT-UA warned the global community of an ongoing phishing attack leveraging […]

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Cobalt Strike Beacon Malware Detection: A New Cyber-Attack on Ukrainian Government Organizations Attributed to the UAC-0056 Group

The notorious Cobalt Strike Beacon malware has been actively distributed by multiple hacking collectives in spring 2022 as part of the ongoing cyber war against Ukraine, mainly leveraged in targeted phishing attacks on Ukrainian state bodies. On July 6, 2022, CERT-UA released an alert warning of a new malicious email campaign targeting Ukrainian government entities. […]

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