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Vyveva: New Custom Malware in Lazarus Toolkit

Experts from ESET have uncovered a new malicious sample leveraged by Lazarus APT to target an unnamed South African freight company. The malware, dubbed Vyveva, obtains impressive backdoor capabilities, which are used by the nation-backed actor for reconnaissance and cyber-espionage. Vyveva Backdoor Overview Vyveva is a custom threat applied by the North Korean state-sponsored group […]

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Interview with Developer: Kyaw Pyiyt Htet

Catch the latest newscast about the SOC Prime community! Today we want to introduce you to Kyaw Pyiyt Htet, an active member of our Threat Bounty Program. Kyaw joined the Program in Q3 2020 and swiftly became one of the most prolific authors with a variety of Sigma, YARA, and SNORT rules published. You can […]

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