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UAC-0114 Group aka Winter Vivern Attack Detection
UAC-0114 Group aka Winter Vivern Attack Detection: Hackers Launch Phishing Campaigns Targeting Government Entities of Ukraine and Poland

Since the outbreak of the global cyber war, state bodies of Ukraine and its allies have become targets of diverse malicious campaigns launched by multiple hacking collectives. Threat actors frequently leverage phishing attack vectors to perform their adversary campaigns, like in December 2022’s cyber attacks distributing DolphinCape and FateGrab/StealDeal malware. On February 1, 2023, CERT-UA […]

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Attackers Exploit Microsoft OneNote Attachments to Steal Credentials and Spread Malware

Microsoft documents have fallen prey to phishing attacks, and adversaries are continuously looking for new ways to disseminate malicious strains. Security vulnerabilities compromising Microsoft products frequently cause a stir in the cyber threat arena, affecting a broad number of users, like in the case Follina zero-day flaw and CVE-2022-22005. Security researchers inform the global cyber […]

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UAC-0082 (Sandworm APT Group) Targets Ukrainian National Information Agency “Ukrinform” in a Series of Cyber Attacks Leveraging Multiple Wiper Malware Strains

The russia-linked Sandworm APT group (aka UAC-0082) has been continuously targeting Ukrainian public systems and critical infrastructure for at least a decade. This group is responsible for massive blackouts throughout the country in 2015-2016 caused by the infamous BlackEnergy malware. That was followed by the NotPetya campaign in 2017, which eventually ended up creating a […]

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Rhadamanthys Malware Detection: New Infostealer Spread via Google Ads & Spam Emails to Target Crypto Wallets and Dump Sensitive Information

Security experts have shed light on a novel malicious sample hiding in the malicious arena, an evasive stealer dubbed Rhadamanthys. The malware is commonly distributed via Google ads redirecting compromised users to phishing webpages disguised as widely-used legitimate software.  Detect Rhadamanthys Malware In view of the increasing popularity of Rhadamanthys stealer being broadly distributed in […]

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CVE-2022-42475 Detection
CVE-2022-42475 Detection: Zero-Day Vulnerability in FortiOS SSL-VPN Exploited in Attacks Against Government Entities and Large Organizations

Stay alert! Security researchers are warning the global cyber defender community of a zero-day vulnerability in FortiOS SSL-VPN, which was patched in December 2022. The security flaw tracked as CVE-2022-42475 and resulting in unauthenticated remote code execution (RCE) has been exploited in targeted attacks against government agencies and large organizations across the globe.  Detect CVE-2022-42475: […]

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SOC Prime Threat Bounty —  December 2022 Results

December ‘22 Publications During the last month of the year 2022,  Threat Bounty developers managed to submit 441 rules to review by SOC Prime Team for a chance of publication to the Platform for monetization. The submitted rules were reviewed by a team of seasoned engineers, and based on the collective decisions, 126 rules were […]

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Raspberry Robin Malware Detection: Enhanced Worm-Like Version Attacking European Financial Institutions

No matter the holiday season, adversaries have no vacation inventing new malicious tricks to target unsuspecting victims. Last week, security researchers uncovered an enhanced variant of the worm-like Raspberry Robin malware dropper leveraged to target financial and insurance companies across European countries. Experts specifically note that Rasperry Robin received a significant upgrade, including complex obfuscation […]

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russia-Backed Turla Group on the Rise
Turla Activity Detection: russian Cyberespionage Group Targeting Ukraine Uses Decade-Old USB-Delivered Andromeda Malware to Spread Novel Backdoors

With USB-spreading malware becoming a popular vector for initial access, cyber defenders remain vigilant in safeguarding the organization’s critical infrastructure. Cybersecurity researchers have recently observed malicious activity of the russia-linked cyberespionage group tracked as Turla APT leveraging legacy Andromeda USB-delivered malware to deploy novel backdoors and custom reconnaissance tools in cyber attacks against Ukraine. Detecting […]

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SOC Prime Introduces The Prime Hunt

Simplify Threat Investigation with a Single UI for All Threat Hunters, Right Within Your Browser SOC Prime launches The Prime Hunt v 1.1.1, an open-source browser extension for threat hunting that acts as the industry-first platform-agnostic UI for all threat hunters, no matter what SIEM or EDR they use. The tool enables security engineers to […]

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BlueNoroff Group Attack Detection
BlueNoroff Group Activity Detection: Threat Actors Apply Novel Methods to Bypass Windows Mark-of-the-Web (MoTW) Protection

BlueNoroff, which is part of the larger Lazarus Group, is a financially-motivated hacking collective striving to gain financial benefits from its offensive capabilities. The group, known for stealing cryptocurrency and commonly applying Word documents and LNK files for initial intrusion, has currently been leveraging new adversary methods. In the latest attacks, BlueNoroff experiments with new […]

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