The Right Strategy and Culture for better Cyber Security

Alignment of people, process and technology is a transformational change in the quality of your business that takes time to accomplish. We will win you that time by bringing in data-driven strategic advisory, cutting-edge technology and world class support to make that change happen.

Making Threat Detection Easier, Faster, and Simpler

"Since 2015, we have helped security practitioners to make threat detection easier. With over 300+ content developers from around the world, we work together and around the clock to keep your SIEM, EDR and NTDR continuously up to date with the latest threats. Our business is SOC content itself and it is thrilling to work together with our fantastic community, technology partners and leading MDR providers to transform the way we do cyber security.”

- Andrii Bezverkhyi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SOC Prime

SOC Prime is a member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, an ecosystem of independent software vendors that have integrated their solutions to defend against increasingly sophisticated, fast-moving threats.

Tap into knowledge gathered in the industry’s largest content marketplace to get the right data for security strategy development aligned to your threat model. Together we will identify quick wins and optimal ways to success. Get the logs in, establish network visibility, asset inventory, alerting and reporting.

Evolve metric and mission driven cyber security teams. We will help you to advance continuously and provide tools to track Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Respond (MTTR), weekly reporting, coverage and gap analysis based on MITRE ATT&CK and Threat Intelligence. Refine the security analytics platform architecture to optimize performance and cost efficiency. Automate routine engineering tasks, fix data quality issues proactively, save costs on storage.

As high quality data and metrics form exact statistics relevant to your infrastructure it is time to automate incident response across IT, Cloud and SaaS. At this stage we will help adding Incident Response playbooks, Threat Hunting as a Service, leverage Machine Learning to consolidate detections, vulnerability and threat data into actionable intelligence for seasoned security team. This is the endgame of cyber defense where business risk is reduced continuously and attacks are defended against in a predictive manner.

Explore Our Cutting Edge Technology

Advance your Security Analytics with the largest content marketplace in the world. Used by 5000+ organizations and 13800+ security specialists in 156+ countries.

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Save Your Reputation and Budget by Fixing Data Quality Problem. Predictive Maintenance will help you Maximize Threat Management Capabilities and Keep your Engineering Team Happy.

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Success Stories of Our Customers


After investigating a number of alternatives, the industry-leading European bank invested in SOC Prime’s Threat Detection Marketplace to access cross-platform content across various SIEM language formats, including the company’s QRadar security solution. They chose the Premium subscription of Threat Detection Marketplace unlocking access to an impressive library of ready-to-made detection and response scenarios convertible to various platform formats and measured against 250+ ATT&CK Techniques. With SOC Prime, the company streamlined the development of detection content saving up to 600+ SOC Team hours in less than 6 months.

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Joining the SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace community has helped UKRSIBBANK to obtain threat detection content without the need to hire an in-house team of threat hunters. Leveraging the Premium Threat Detection Marketplace subscription, UKRSIBBANK has gained an external team of seasoned security professionals who are constantly researching the situation on the market from the cyber-attack perspective. By gaining access to the SOC Prime’s Content as a Service (CaaS) platform, the company has reduced time for detection and mitigation of threats.

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With the purchase of the Premium subscription to SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace, the company has unlocked potential for continuous security enhancement applying the unique rule set keenly focused on the telecom attack profile. Mapping content to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework has enabled the company to focus on threats the company anticipates most and significantly improve the overall detection quality.

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In order to extend the existing scalable and innovative log management based on Elasticsearch with SIEM functionalities and detection mechanisms, evoila GmbH was looking for a suitable cybersecurity vendor to do this. The company quickly came across SOC Prime, which was perfectly fitting for the industry-specific needs. Access to the curated and verified content enabled evoila to map the most up-to-date attack vectors directly to the company’s service. With SOC Prime, evoila enhanced their Managed Security Services significantly reducing MTTD.

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As Threat Detection Marketplace is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS), its implementation is minimal, just requiring the company’s in-house SOC Team to configure the profiles for each client. The global SOC content library allows covering organization-specific threats and continuously keeping SIEMs updated on the latest detection and response scenarios. The magellan’s SOC Team can now search for detections much faster and more efficiently, leveraging curated content written by SOC Prime’s Content Team and Threat Bounty Program developers.

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Stage 2 Security (S2) found it more reasonable to obtain scalable Detection as Code content from SOC Prime rather than fully manage security content development in-house. This enabled the company to essentially reduce the amount of dedicated Cyber Threat Intelligence and research specialists, focusing more on Incident Response, Threat Hunting, Penetration Testing and Content customization to meet the customer needs.

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SOC Prime delivers Detection as Code operations for 23+ SIEM, EDR, and NTDR technologies. Our core product, Threat Detection Marketplace, provides on-the-fly translations for detection and response algorithms written in the generic languages, like Sigma and YARA-L. We support multiple integrations to deliver content for cloud-native solutions, including Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Google Chronicle Security, Sumo Logic, Humio, and Elastic Cloud. Access our Detection as Code platform to address security use cases in the areas of Threat Hunting, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Detection Engineering, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and tailored to your SIEM and XDR stack in use.