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Iranian COBALT MIRAGE Threat Group Launches Ransomware Attacks Against U.S. Organizations

Iranian state-backed adversaries are accelerating their pace by leveraging different attack vectors and targeting multiple industries across the world. Hot on the heels of the spear-phishing campaign launched by the infamous APT34 group spreading a new Saitama backdoor, another Iran-linked hacking collective hits the headlines performing ransomware attacks against U.S. companies. The Iranian nation-backed COBALT […]

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CVE-2022-30525 Detection: Critical Vulnerability Allows for Command Injection Attacks

A newly discovered bug in Zyxel products endangers tens of thousands of users in Europe and the U.S. The critical vulnerability affecting Zyxel’s ATP series, VPN series, and USG FLEX series business firewalls is tracked as CVE-2022-30525, with a severity score of 9.8 CVSS. The vulnerability paves the way for hackers to execute arbitrary code […]

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CVE-2022-29108 Detection: Newly Discovered Flaw in Microsoft SharePoint Server

Microsoft Patch Tuesday for May 2022 brought to the daylight 74 flaws in Microsoft products, among them critical vulnerabilities, such as a CVE-2022–26923, along with the necessary fixes to mitigate them. The new SharePoint Server remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability is similar to another Microsoft SharePoint RCE tagged CVE-2022-22005 that was discovered in February this […]

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SOC Prime Selected as a Finalist in the 2022 SC Awards

Company’s Recognition for Excellence Awards Finalist in the Most Promising Early-Stage Startup Category Ranked as the industry’s most prestigious and competitive accomplishment, the SC Awards recognizes future-proof solutions, progressive organizations, and leaders that are driving innovation and transforming cybersecurity. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the SC Awards initiative, which includes two main award […]

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Accelerating Growth While Standing With Ukraine

SOC Prime Ensures Business Continuity and Development While Supporting the People of Ukraine As the CEO of SOC Prime and a citizen of Ukraine, I have felt our employees, customers, and community require an update on the health and well-being of our operation, and most importantly, our people after over a month of daily bombings and […]

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Meet New SOC Prime Platform for Collaborative Cyber Defense

From Threat Detection Marketplace to the Industry-Wide Collaboration for Better Cyber Defense When starting SOC Prime, we had a dream to make threat detection easier, faster, and simpler globally. This called for innovation on a technical level, with a key focus on attack behavior. Therefore, since 2016, the SOC Prime team has customized the MITRE […]

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SOC Prime’s Innovation for Collaborative Cyber Defense

Technical Highlights of the New SOC Prime Platform On September 14th, SOC Prime launches the platform for collaborative cyber defense, threat hunting, and threat discovery. The platform helps to detect threats easier, faster, and simpler by leveraging the de facto industry standard for Detection as Code languages (Sigma and Yara-L), the cutting-edge dynamically prioritized MITRE […]

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Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell Attack
Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell Attack Detection

Thousands of Microsoft Exchange servers remain vulnerable to ProxyShell remote code execution vulnerabilities despite the patches issued in April-May. To make things even worse, security researchers are observing a significant spike in scans for vulnerable Exchange servers, after the technical overview of the ProxyShell attack was revealed at the Black Hat conference on August 4-5, […]

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interview Onur Atali
Interview with Threat Bounty Developer: Onur Atali

Meet the latest newscast about the SOC Prime Developers community! Today we want to introduce Onur Atali, a keen developer contributing to our Threat Bounty Program since June 2021. Onur is an active content creator, concentrating his efforts on Sigma rules. You can refer to Onur’s detections of the highest quality and value in Threat […]

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Threat Detection Marketplace Version 4.15.0 Is Released

On July 28, 2021, SOC Prime released the latest Threat Detection Marketplace version 4.15.0 introducing new features and improvements for a more insightful platform experience. This update brings in a number of content quality enhancements to Azure Sentinel, Chronicle Security, Splunk, the Elastic Stack, and SentinelOne, adds to a more streamlined search experience on the […]

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