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Detect DarkSide Ransomware with SOC Prime

DarkSide ransomware, a relatively novel player in the cyber threat arena, continues to gather news headlines for successful attacks against world-leading vendors. The list of the recent intrusions includes the chemical distribution company Brenntag, which paid adversaries $4.4 million ransom, and Colonial Pipeline, a company providing fuel supply for the US East Coast. DarkSide Ransomware […]

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Affiliates vs Hunters: Fighting the DarkSide

Introduction On August 2020 a new type of malware, belonging to the Ransomware category, appeared in the cyber threat landscape. Threat actor responsible for its development called it “DarkSide” and, like others piece of malware of this type, is operated in Big Game Hunting (BGH) campaigns. Around more or less the same time, a DLS […]

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