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What is Malware Analysis?

Lots of children break things not because they are little evil creatures but because they are curious about “how it’s made.” Eventually, some of those children grow up and become Cybersecurity Analysts. They do basically the same but in an adult world.  Malware analysis is the process of studying a malware sample to understand what […]

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What is Cyber Threat Hunting? The Ultimate Guide

Cyber Threat Hunting is a novel approach to Threat Detection which is aimed at finding cyber threats within an enterprise’s network before they do any harm. This includes deliberately looking for weak spots as well as any signs of ongoing attacks within a digital infrastructure. Threat Hunting is more complex than passive Threat Detection and […]

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Threat Hunting Hypothesis Examples: Prepare For a Good Hunt!

A good threat hunting hypothesis is key to identifying weak spots in an organization’s digital infrastructure. Just learn to ask the right questions, and you will get the answers that you’re looking for. In this blog post, we review a proactive threat hunting methodology: Hypothesis-Driven Threat Hunting. Let’s dive right in! Detect & Hunt Explore […]

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Cyber Library – Your Free Pass to Cybersecurity Knowledge

On March 15, 2021, we announced the release of our Education Portal, a brand-new knowledge-sharing space for security performers that provides direct access to free cybersecurity resources, including how-to content guides and webinars hosted by the SOC Prime experts and our partners. Since then, the portal has acquired a new name of Cyber Library and […]

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