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Interview with Developer: Roman Ranskyi

Today, we want to introduce to our readers one of the detection content authors whose name you can see on the SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace Leaderboards. Meet Roman Ranskyi, Threat Hunting/Content Developer Engineer at SOC Prime. Read about Threat Bounty Program  – https://my.socprime.com/tdm-developers   More interviews with Threat Bounty Program developers – https://socprime.com/tag/interview/ Roman, […]

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Threat Hunting Basics: Getting Manual

The purpose of this blog is to explain the necessity for manual (non-alert based) analysis methods in threat hunting. An example of effective manual analysis via aggregations/stack counting is provided. Automation Is Necessary Automation is absolutely critical and as threat hunters we must automate where possible as much as possible. However, automation is built on […]

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Warming Up. Using ATT&CK for Self Advancement

Introduction Many blue teams are using MITRE ATT&CK for advancement in the maturity of their detection and response. Blue team’s arsenal of EDR tools, event logs, and triage tools are all opening up the story of what’s occurring on endpoints. However, anomalies are normal and these alerts and data sources need to be triaged to […]

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