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MacStealer macOS Malware Detection: Novel Malicious Strain Steals User Credentials from iCloud KeyChain

Heads up! A novel infostealer is making a splash in the cyber threat arena targeting macOS users. Cybersecurity researchers have observed a novel MacStealer macOS malware that steals user credentials and other sensitive data stored in the iCloud KeyChain, web browsers, and crypto wallets.  Detecting MacStealer MacOS Malware Being yet another infostealing malware surfacing in […]

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SmokeLoader Detection: Distributes Amadey Bot Malware via Software Cracks

Amadey Bot, a notorious malware strain that first came to the cyber threat arena in 2018, is capable of stealing data and deploying other malicious payloads on the compromised system. It has been actively distributed across hacker forums to engage in offensive operations. Cybersecurity researchers have recently observed the distribution of a new version of […]

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