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Detection Content: Grandoreiro Banking Trojan

Latin American banking trojans are just about to make a separate trend in malware writing. Adversaries regularly create new Trojans or Exploit Kits to attack bank users in Brazil, Mexico, and Peru, and with each new malicious campaign expand their target lists first to neighboring countries, and then to worldwide campaigns. In our recently published […]

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Rule Digest: APT Groups, Malware Campaigns and Windows Telemetry

This week our Rule Digest covers more content than usual. It compiles rules for detecting recent attacks of state-sponsored actors, malware campaigns conducted by cybercriminals, and abusing Windows telemetry.   Mustang Panda is the China-based threat group that has demonstrated an ability to rapidly assimilate new tools and tactics into its operations. This APT group […]

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Interview with Developer: Den Iuzvyk

SOC Prime is presenting another interview with a participant of the SOC Prime Threat Bounty Developer Program (https://my.socprime.com/en/tdm-developers). We want to introduce to you Den Iuzvyk who published 60+ community rules of the highest quality and detection value during six months of his participation in the Threat Bounty Program. Read more interviews with content developers […]

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