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Novel Moobot
New Mirai Botnet Variant Detection: MooBot Sample Targets D-Link Routers

Security researchers are raising the alarm on a new Mirai botnet variant dubbed MooBot that targets D-Link devices. The novel threat employs multiple exploitation techniques.  MooBot first surfaced in 2019, hijacking LILIN digital video recorders and Hikvision video surveillance products and co-opting them into a family of denial-of-service bots. Detect MooBot  To detect the signature […]

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EnemyBot Malware
EnemyBot Malware Detection: IoT Botnet Exploits More Bugs

Keksec, aka Nero and Freakout, the threat actor behind the advanced EnemyBot botnet, is expanding its reach by leveraging more exploits, compromising multiple organizations regardless of their industry vertical. The EnemyBot malware authors took all the best and left behind the obsolete of code used in other botnets such as Gafgyt, Qbot, or Mirai. The […]

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Refreshed Mirai Noticed

Delaware, USA – April 10, 2019 – The researchers of Palo Alto Networks Unit 24 published a report informing about a strain of Mirai malware compiled to target Xilinx MicroBlaze, Altera Nios II, Tensilica Xtensa and OpenRISC processors is in the wild. Along with the gained abilities to target new systems like digital signal processors, […]

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Mirai botnet digest: threat overview, analytics and remediation

A quote of a famous professor “Good news everyone!” would be best fit to the recent events when the Internet of sheit Things has set the hell loose in the whole digital world, with Mirai botnet being one of its infamous minions. In before broken sarcasm-detectors: the situation is indeed tense, reputable researchers in the […]

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