SOC Prime Launches Sigma Rules Bot for Threat Bounty 

Create, Verify, and Get Sigma Rules Published via Slack

SOC Prime is thrilled to announce that Sigma Rules Bot for Threat Bounty is now released to the Slack App Directory. Monetizing your Detection Engineering skills has never been easier! Join Threat Bounty Program, install the Bot to your Slack, and that’s it. Instantly craft your Threat Bounty Sigma rules, test detection code, get it verified & published to SOC Prime Platform, and go beyond limits with a single app always at hand.  

Start Now via Slack

Anytime you come up with a mind-blowing Sigma rule, there is a streamlined way to convert your idea into an actionable detection with Sigma Rules Bot for Threat Bounty. Just use Slack to code, test, and make your rules accessible to the global cyber defender community connecting 30,000 + industry peers – faster and more efficiently than ever before. By launching the Sigma Rules Bot, we believe that working with Sigma and MITRE ATT&CK is getting easier for anyone in the field no matter the maturity level and offers more opportunities for industry-wide collaboration.

Alla Yurchenko, SOC Prime’s Threat Bounty Program Coordinator 

The Bot enables real-time community collaboration for newcomers to the cybersecurity industry and seasoned experts who are part of the Threat Bounty Program, which currently connects over 600 threat researchers contributing to collective cyber defense. With the app launch, the Threat Bounty Program members can create, manage, and validate Sigma rules to match the standards of publication to the SOC Prime Platform from a single place without leaving Slack. 

Sigma Rules Bot streamlines coding, testing, and tagging of the newly created Sigma rules with MITRE ATT&CK, offering a wide range of built-in checks and settings. To ensure continuous content quality improvement, Sigma Rules Bot supports a set of content validation checks.  App users pass their Sigma rules for automated scanning for common syntax errors, receive suggestions for improvements and make the corresponding tweaks, and then pass detection code for validation by SOC Prime experts. This flow enables community-driven collaboration allowing aspiring Threat Bounty authors to level up their Detection Engineering skills through feedback from seasoned experts of the industry leader.

Tap into free Detection as Code at and instantly reach thoroughly tested ready-to-use Sigma rules, tagged with ATT&CK and enriched with relevant threat intelligence for the most common SIEM and EDR solutions. Striving for self-advancement? Join the ranks of the crowdsourced content development powered by our Threat Bounty Program to enrich the collective industry expertise, earn recurring rewards, and let your Sigma and ATT&CK skills covert into your future CV.