Uncoder AI: Engineer Detections at the Speed of Thought

Code, validate, and share your detection ideas in a blink of an eye with an all-in-one tool for technology-agnostic detection engineering powered by collective intelligence and backed by Sigma and MITRE ATT&CK® as code assistants.


Faster cross-SIEM content translation & fine-tuning


Cyber defenders providing feedback on detection ideas


Better code with in-built validation & customization


Engineer detections swiftly and smartly backed by Sigma and MITRE ATT&CK as your code assistants

  • Code faster with built-in autocomplete wizard aggregating detection logic from 10K+ Sigma rules
  • Structure your thoughts and eliminate manual routine with Sigma rule templates tailored to your engineering needs
  • Automatically tag detections with MITRE ATT&CK acting as your auto-complete dictionary
  • Test detection logic in a matter of clicks with UI-agnostic browser add-on
  • Proceed with your work anytime having progress saved and history of translations available at hand
  • Share detection logic with the global cyber defender community to earn Threat Bounty and code your CV
  • Auto-parse threat reports and IOC files straight into search queries ready to run in a chosen SIEM or EDR


Develop flawless detection code at seconds with automagic quality enhancement powered by collective intelligence

  • Verify your code with 100+ automated Sigma rule syntax & logic checks
  • Auto-patch your detection code with enhancements suggested automatically
  • Customize detection rules to your SIEM data schema on the fly
  • Tune up your rules with a broad collection of filters and exceptions
  • Automate detection engineering routine with commercial API support
  • Gain from collective expertise by integration with Threat Detection Marketplace and Attack Detective
  • Enhance your detection rules with smart correlation


Have detection rules ready to run in any SIEM, EDR, XDR environment always at hand with cross-platform translation engine powered by AI

  • Validate how rules perform in the real-world environments with Global Action Loop backed by the peer community of 33K+ cyber defenders
  • Delegate manual tasks to the augmented intelligence framework under your control to focus on the most critical needs
  • Choose from multiple tools, including ChatGPT & Google Translate, to adjust your detection code to any environment
  • Bring your own Sigmac and pySigma backends for streamlined detection engineering tailored to your needs
  • Rely on reverse translations powered by AI, shaving seconds off your SIEM & XDR logic migration
  • Remove barriers of technology limitations by bringing your own AI-assisted engine to empower your code translation

Uncoder.IO: Free Access Without Registration

Uncoder.IO acts as a free Sigma rule translation engine for both newcomers and seasoned experts alike — available at no charge and without registration. Uncoder.IO is a free project proudly made together with our team members who are in Ukraine. Please support us with a donation to The Volunteer Hub of our public partners, SSSCIP & CERT-UA.
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