Predictive Maintenance Update

Delaware, USA – September 14, 2017 – SOC Prime announces the release of the update for Predictive Maintenance platform for HPE ArcSight. Predictive Maintenance 3.4.6 has become even more convenient for large companies with a distributed network. Now you can deploy several PMs and forward data to Primary PM so you can have a full understanding of health status of all components and devices connected to your SIEM at any time. This option is enabled with the license. To get a new license, contact In addition, now you can manage your license in the web console.

Predictive Maintenance 3.4.6 allows you to choose whether or not to gather and save to database unique tokens from errors that can contain sensitive data. By default, this option is disabled, because if you have many errors with unique token values, this can lead to performance issues. If you want not to save unique tokens from specific errors, you can exclude them in Error Details page. In addition, now you can more accurately configure what email or syslog notifications you want to receive. This will help you to keep abreast of any critical events in company’s infrastructure.