SOC Prime Predictive Maintenance is the next step in the evolution of how security practitioners and organizations manage and interact with cyber security technologies. We all run SIEM, Vulnerability Management, File Integrity Monitoring and other proven security tools 24x7x365 and know the effort it takes to be confident in their operations. We know it requires a continuous set of manual steps, procedures, expert knowledge, constant practice and training. Predictive Maintenance (SOC Prime PM) is built to assist with these core challenges by leveraging real-time monitoring of all security diagnostic data, machine-learning algorithms, executive and technical metrics, all to provide security team with live operations status and reduce amount of steps it requires to keep your SOC environment in top-notch condition.

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Imagine a fundamentally new and highly effective way to manage support of cyber security products that you already have such as SIEM and Vulnerability Management systems. Imagine doing this with same confidence as you manage sales operations with CRM. With SOC Prime PM this is a reality. You can reduce daily workload on SIEM & VM administrators, improve overall SOC value & experience for yourself and your customers, save up to 99% of time on manual and repetitive operations required for running a SOC, have a clear picture on how your SIEM and SOC investments perform, demonstrate SOX, GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA and ISO27001 compliance, exceed your customer’s expectations and SLA adherence on managed services, smartly manage costs on your SOC development. Don’t just take our word on it and explore real worldcase studies from our customers and partners.

With our Security Operations Center we are able to take action even before customers notice that there is a problem,” says Anne Karine Hafkamp, Services Business Line Manager at Motiv. “With SOC Prime we can detect issues on our SIEM platform even faster. The information in reports on the quality of log data is detailed and perfect. Breaches and vulnerabilities of our clients can be visualized immediately in real time via the dashboard SOC Prime. This saves considerable time of the operation. >>


Anne Karine Hafkamp, Services Business Line Manager at Motiv IT Masters BV


With SOC Prime PM, manual repetitive tasks such as grep of the diagnostic logs and java stack traces, logon to multiple consoles, multiple re-runs of vulnerability scanning due to errors discovered at reporting stage are simplified and can be performed more effectively by security your team. All from one console and for all teams involved in the process. No more hours spent on talking with support and unresolved tickets lasting for a month – with Predictive Maintenance, you will always have instant access to remediation on any issue that happened already or may arise.

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Save time with no errors left behind

Without Predictive Maintenance
Issue Detection10 – 1440 minutes
Solution Research90 – 2880 minutes
Solution QA10 – 90 minutes
Trainingadditional costs
Remediation< 30 minutes
Notification10 minutes
With Predictive Maintenance
Issue Detectionautomated, < 1 minute
Solution Researchautomated, included with alert
Solution QAautomated, already tested
Trainingincluded, immediately available
Remediation< 15 minutes
Notificationautomated, < 1 minute
For experts
For beginners
Our clients, partners and team report from 50% to 99,9% of time savings thanks to Predictive Maintenance which finally allows us to control Data Acquisition and take care of Data Quality. With PM in the backend, we all focus on catching more bad guys.

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