Predictive Maintenance 3.4.1 is released!

London, UK – May 11, 2017 – SOC Prime, Inc. announces a release of the new version of Predictive Maintenance ( platform for HPE ArcSight. We are constantly working on making our platform as functional as possible and providing information security experts with all the necessary tools. In Predictive Maintenance 3.4.1, we have added the option to perform remote actions on components installed on Windows hosts and download logs from these servers to SPVA. Now you don’t have to switch from the Predictive Maintenance console to restart component service or clear cache. We have also expanded the functionality of PM console to search errors in ESM and Logger logs, and you can get more detailed information on the errors found with one click.

We carefully study a feedback from our Customers and strive to turn their wishes into reality in new versions of our products. So we have added a feature to Predictive Maintenance 3.4.1 that visualizes the topology of ArcSight components interaction with the event sources connected. This allows you not only to determine devices with issues visually, but also to prioritize tasks to solve them for your team.

With the new Health Check function you can check logs of Connectors, Loggers and ESM that are not connected to Predictive Maintenance and get detailed information about errors and solutions to fix them. Also we added new options for customizing information on dashboards that will help you to fine-tune displaying of issues critical to your infrastructure and enhance the effectiveness of your security team.