Telecom Multinational Industry Leader

SOC Prime is constantly enriching its partnership portfolio in various industry sectors, including telecommunications. One of SOC Prime’s key partners is the telecom leader in the EMEA market. The company delivers all-encompassing communication and digital services to 210+ million customers with rapidly evolving economic dynamics. The key company’s vision is to empower customer ambitions through technology that can be achieved by guiding their choices and channeling their efforts and resources into the right direction neatly matching their business needs.

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European Telecom Leader

SOC Prime helps organizations in various industry sectors boost their cyber defense capabilities. Establishing partnership with SOC Prime has helped the European telecom industry leader save time on the SIEM system management and increase the productivity of the company’s InfoSec department. Leveraging the SOC Prime’s product has taken SIEM management to the new level, making it more efficient and streamlined.

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