Sales Manager – Federal (US)

Washington, DC, US Full-Time Home Office

About the Role

Our Perfect Candidate

You are highly motivated, connected to and influential in the US Federal market. You have solid expertise with remote selling multi-year contracts for B2B SaaS cybersecurity solutions to the US Federal sector with experience in all the necessary decision-making and procurement processes. Based on your expertise, you are capable of effectively articulating the SOC Prime’s platform value proposition to a variety of audiences, including a line of business owners, C-Level Executives, and other stakeholders. Experience with selling products and solutions that follow a 100% Product-Led Growth strategy completes your profile.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Manage the sales cycle based on our Product-Led Growth strategy including lead qualification with our Product Adoption team and other deliverables for closing deals while consistently delivering on the set sales goals
  • Consistently deliver on the quarterly and annual ARR and Sales goals
  • Work closely with our Product Adoption and Customer Success teams for opportunity qualification, on account growth initiatives and securing subscription renewals and upsell opportunities to existing customers
  • Build and maintain strong and positive relationships with key agencies and contractors focused on the US Federal sector — military and civilian
  • Identify and develop a strategy to enable the SOC Prime’s Detection as Code Platform on key Government programs and procurement contracts
  • Identify and understand customer needs and effectively communicate how the SOC Prime’s platform will meet those needs, influence strategic direction and buying decisions
  • Drive business development and effectively manage all buying cycles and pipeline
  • Highly focused on building the Business Case with the end customer, responsible for managing budgeting cycles
  • Work as a cohesive team with Sales Engineering, Customer Success, Product Management and cross-functional team members; provide timely and insightful feedback to improve our platform and services
  • Assist with product/platform showcases to prospects and customers
  • Forecast accurately using our CRM system — achieve and exceed revenue targets

Qualifications, Skills & Experience

  • Experience selling an enterprise B2B SaaS product/platform that follows a 100% Product-Led Growth strategy
  • At least 2 years consistent quota over achievement in a SaaS Sales role
  • Multiple years of security software and solution sales experience with the US Federal sector, including details of the various US Federal procurement processes
  • Ability to effectively operate in a fast-paced and rapidly evolving technical environment
  • Passionate about technology and cybersecurity
  • Solid customer-facing business and communication skills; proven ability to build lasting and influential business relationships
  • Strategic and analytical thinking skills, ability to plan, pitch, and execute
  • Fundamental mastery of sales methodology — proven “Sales DNA”
  • Teamwork and excellent communication skills
  • University degree or equivalent experience
  • Fluent English language skills

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