Malicious Python Package PyMafka

Earlier this month, security researchers discovered a malicious package in the Python Package Index (PyPI) registry. Once in the system, PyMafka fetches a relevant Cobalt Strike beacon based on the victim’s OS.

The name suggests that PyMafka is an attempt at typosquatting a PyKafka – a cluster-aware Kafka protocol client for Python.

Detect PyMafka

In order to identify whether your environment was compromised by PyMafka, use the Sigma rules below developed by the talented members of SOC Prime Threat Bounty Program, Osman Demir and Sohan G:

Possible pyMafka Command and Control by Download of Mach-O Binary (via file_event)

Suspicious PyMafka Python Package Drops Cobalt Strike by Detection of Misspelling (via cmdline)

Suspicious PyMafka Malware Defense Evasion by Detection of Associated Files (via file_event)

The detections are available for all market-leading SIEM, EDR & XDR solutions, aligned with the latest MITRE ATT&CK® framework v.10.

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PyMafka Campaign Analysis

Sonatype security analysts report a new typosquatting attack scenario. Adversaries distribute a malicious Python package dubbed PyMafka, leveraging the name similarity to a Kafka client for Python named PyKafka. The attack scenario is as follows: The victim-to-be downloads a PyMafka package and opens it. The Python script within the package identifies the OS that the victim is using to fetch an OS-appropriate variant of trojan, which is a Cobalt Strike beacon.

The executable showed behavior consistent with Cobalt Strike attacks, and all the variants were spotted contacting China-based IP addresses. The package is no longer available in the PyPI repository, having reached a little over 300 downloads before it was taken down. The adversaries behind the PyMafka campaign remain unknown.

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