LAUSD Ransomware Attack: Vice Society Claims Compromising the Largest School District in the US


Ransomware operators constantly seek lucrative and feasible extortion opportunities, affecting a wide array of organizations across industries. One of the latest examples of successful breaches is the Vice Society gang’s attack against the Los Angeles Unified School District that happened over the Labor Day weekend.

The attack caused widespread disruption, affecting several information management systems. Vice Society hackers also declared that they’ve exfiltrated 500 GB of data; however, this claim was not yet proven true or false.

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Vice Society Attacks

Multiple national cybersecurity authorities issued a joint CSA over ransomware attacks targeting the education sector as Vice Society compromised the US largest (by enrollment) school district. The Vice Society is a new kid on the block in the ransomware space, known to primarily target small and midsize targets in educational institutions. The threat actor has employed various strains in their attacks starting from 2021, including HelloKitty and Zeppelin ransomware.

Among the documented Vice Society ransomware group’s victims are also other school districts across the US such as the San Luis Coastal Unified School District and the Moon Area School District, as well as universities – the Grand Valley State University and even the Medical University of Innsbruck in Austria.

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