SOC Prime Ensures Business Continuity and Development While Supporting the People of Ukraine

As the CEO of SOC Prime and a citizen of Ukraine, I have felt our employees, customers, and community require an update on the health and well-being of our operation, and most importantly, our people after over a month of daily bombings and witnessing our cities being destroyed. We have focused the company on providing as much normalcy in the workplace as possible given the upheaval caused to many of us during the russian aggression. Looking back, there are things we may have done differently and chance, family, and pride have caused some of us to remain in Ukraine. I am exceptionally proud of the stability we have provided, that we remain focused on continuing our core mission, that our operations are thriving and growing during this difficult time, and that we have and will continue to highly prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees and their families.  

SOC Prime is contributing to Ukraine’s brave fight in many ways. I’ll try to summarize those ways I can share below and hope that you’ll also join our forces. We, as a nation, and SOC Prime as a company, have come together like never before. Some SOC Primers chose to stay in war zones to assist in whatever way they could. Still, we’ve managed to evacuate the majority of our Ukrainian colleagues from war zones to safety and continue to thrive and grow despite the tumultuous world some of us remain in.  

The invasion of Ukraine has not slowed down SOC Prime’s plans for growth as continued hiring across the globe has strengthened the company’s Customer Success, Engineering, Content, R&D, and Professional Services teams. SOC Prime has grown by 15% since February 1st,  2022, and remains on target to be 160 strong by the end of FY23. We are a US-based company with teams distributed across the globe in Europe, the Americas, and APAC and will continue growth investments in operational excellence, rapid content development, automation, and curation modules to continuously improve the quality of our platform and enhance administration simplicity.

The safety and well-being of our employees and their families is our foremost priority. The threat of invasion has been looming for years, which is why we have dedicated significant time and resources to business continuity planning since day one, and why we’ve been able to keep our employees safe. At the same time, customers across the globe rely on the SOC Prime Platform to detect and mitigate the risk of cyber threats. We have demonstrated a similar commitment to ensuring that the platform remains up and running, without interruption, for SOC Prime customers.

SOC Prime as a company, together with our investors, supporters, and family, has donated $125,000 to the official accounts and organizations that provide support to Ukraine directly. SOC Prime has also allocated a dedicated fund, which together with voluntary donations from team members, has raised an additional $150,000 to directly support our Ukrainian colleagues, give them confidence, and provide a beacon of hope for a safe future.

SOC Prime also has invested in ensuring that comprehensive business continuity plans were in place. These were tested and updated in the months leading up to the russian escalation against Ukraine. Since the invasion, the vast majority of Ukrainian employees have been relocated to safe European locations and to SOC Prime’s office in Spain. Those employees who were unable to relocate for personal reasons are in continuous contact with the SOC Prime Security & Business Continuity Team. As a result, critical teams including operations, human resources, sales, sales engineering, and marketing have operated completely unimpaired throughout the invasion, while the engineering team has operated at 95% capacity. 

The availability of the SOC Prime Platform is a critical element of the company’s business continuity plan, which is why the platform has always been hosted with AWS in Germany and backed up in the United States. SOC Prime maintains SOC 2 Type II compliance and all teams that work with customer data are, and have always been, located outside of Ukraine.

SOC Prime’s rapid pace of threat detection engineering continues. Thus far, in 2022, SOC Prime team together with our Threat Bounty Community have released more than 800 unique detections for each of the 25+ supported technology integrations. By the year-end, an additional 3,000 unique detections are forecast to be added. 

Our content team continues to operate with excellence and responsiveness to tackle the latest threats, exploits and with special attention to mitigating the offensive cyber operations of the russian aggressor. Meanwhile, the Threat Bounty Community of 600 people does their best to cover our back and to have no blind spots left in the cyber field. 

I work with my team, across the USA, Argentina, Spain, Australia, and Ukraine. No days off since Feb 24th, who needs them when there are so many things we can help with. We have launched follow-the-sun detection engineering operations, to leave no chance to new threats, exploits or TTPs go undetected on our watch. 

Ruslan Mikhalov, Co-founder and VP of Threat Research and Professional Services

Thanks to old good COVID times, our SOC Prime team has a strong remote work culture. We are well equipped to work from anywhere and well prepared for that from an operational point of view. All communication channels and internal processes are specially designed to be fast, effective, and secured, not dependent on borders, locations, and time zones. During all this time our DevSecOps team continues to support all SOC Prime members with all necessary equipment, software, and cloud infrastructures to keep business growth. Yes, let’s be honest, during the first couple of days of war this was difficult, but now these daily operations are in business as usual, almost nothing changed in comparison to COVID quarantine times. The same strong order, fast communications, and a little bit changed logistics are keeping this “ship” at cruising speed.  

As a citizen of Ukraine, I must admit periodic outrage caused by russia’s unprovoked war. I have witnessed, heard, and felt the rumble as the country of russia destroys our beautiful cities and commits genocide against a people that have dared to live free. There has seldom been a better example of a fight of good versus evil and I am confident that the will of the Ukrainian spirit will not be broken. Our strength has been amplified by amazing bravery and I am confident that in the end, Ukraine will win. 

We ask you to support Ukraine in its defense against russian aggression by any means you can. We all must act together to stop the war that may engulf the entire world. 

Please find below the links to official channels that publish real-time information from the field in Ukraine. These verified sources share accurate information so the world may know the truth:

Your support is highly appreciated! Here you can also find links to make official donations to Ukrainian Armed Forces to assist with the fight against russian aggression:

As the battle continues, there are many places where contributions can help. We have assembled a list of charities and donation opportunities. The people of Ukraine need your support to withstand the war.

  • Come Back Alive provides Ukraine’s military with auxiliary equipment, specialized software, drones, personal body protection, training, and other supplies: 

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