Tor detection and monitoring solution “DetectTor” is available for purchase directly from the site

Our latest product aimed at protecting companies from the unauthorized Tor use can now be purchased online starting at just $750.

Since Tor is utilized in the majority of Ransomware and numerous APT attacks – it is critical to keep it in check. DetectTor solution provides the most complete list of prevention measures against Tor threats to date:

  • Detecting suspicious traffic from Your Network to Dark Net.
  • Continuous Tor Monitoring for Proactive Malware prevention.
  • Disrupting DarkNet Operations in your organization.
  • Stopping Ransomware in its tracks.
  • Preventing APT Command and Control traffic.
  • Uncovering Hidden Communication traffic and Insider Activity to prevent Data Leakage.
  • Extensive coverage of all Tor operations including public Exit nodes list and hidden Tor nodes.

It is available as either a SIEM-specialized content pack for ArcSight, Qradar and SPlunk or as a hardened turnkey virtual appliance.

Learn more how to protect your company from the unauthorized Tor activities.