SSL Framework version 1.1.0 is released

A new version of a free solution for encryption certificate management SSL Framework is released by SOC Prime based on the feedback from clients and partners. Among additions are proxy settings, events via syslog, notifications about scan problems and updated dashboards.

Release notes for SSL Framework 1.1.0:

  • Added proxy settings.
  • Added option to send report events via Syslog.
  • Added notifications about scan problems in events.
  • Updated Dashboard with Scan Errors panel.
  • New use case added: New web-server added to Domain

SSL Framework automates encryption certificate management absolutely for free! Combining it with SIEM allows you to keep up with all the information about SSL certificates in your company. This includes automation of general data gathering, updates on the implementation of encryption algorithms and ciphers, scheduling machine-based checks, showing overall server rating, monitoring the date of expiry and updating you on the changes and new vulnerabilities. More info