SOC prime’s team has hunted new advisory board member – Pavel Zhdanov

SOC Prime follows its strategic plan of team reinforcement and is glad to announce a new advisory board member – Pavel Zhdanov, who will be in charge of building a new development and product team and will take part in defining future steps together with other experts.

Pavel is a specialist in Product, Web Development and Online Marketing. In past he occupied top manager’s positions in – global b2b e-commerce portal, as Chief Product Officer, responsible for Product, Online Marketing and Software Development; UMH Publishing House (Forbes, Korrespondent, Vogue, as Deputy GM on Digital Media and KP-Media (also knowing as Bigmir) as CTO and co-CEO. He was responsible for both development and business process in digital projects and building massive development and projects team up to ~200 people.

SOC Prime is expecting great results from the new team, reliable development process and additional expertise from the new board member