SOC Prime reveals Security Management Assistance Cloud

London, UK – May 5, 2017 – As we explore benefits of interconnected digital world every organization faces more and more cyber security risks. Many of us invested into solid security technologies such as SIEM, Vulnerability Management, Threat Intelligence and built Security Operation Centers. A question that remains is how do we use them to the fullest of potential while keeping the balance between cyber risks reduction and costs. Efficiency is the part of cyber security that was always secondary to the technological progress and to getting more hardware, licenses and FTE. Time has come for a change. Today we are glad to announce that any organization in the world can start increasing its cyber resilience and do this in incremental and efficient way. And SOC Prime Security Management Assistance cloud is the first step. A project that built by people with 200+ years of cumulative expertise in SIEM and SOC is now 3rd year into development and has 3 operational modules.

First is the cross-vendor global SIEM Use Case Library or UCL for short. Initially launched on August 31st 2016, UCL provides a one-stop-shop for exquisite knowledge, turn-key content and open frameworks for incidents detection that natively integrate with leading SIEM technologies such as HPE ArcSight, IBM QRadar and Splunk. Today UCL has over 50 turn-key threat-centric use cases that boost effectiveness of existing SIEMs for 100+ companies worldwide. We carefully analyzed feedback from all our peers to enhance the platform even further to make our day-to-day SIEM and SOC tasks more efficient and fun.

Secondly, by aggregating knowledge of more than 100 projects that involved SIEM use case development and based on feedback from the UCL members we learned that knowing when and knowing what use case to build is a big question. One of the side products built inside SOC Prime research team was a monitoring portal that looked out for public data breach information of more than 200 OSINT resources. It is now available as part of S.M.A. cloud under section Cyber Incidents Insight and you can use it to search and explore public breach statistics accumulated over last 1,5 years. Most importantly in CII you can see actual threats relevant to your industry or country and go straight to deploying SIEM Use Cases that are built to detect them.

Yet even the best use cases will do little if the data acquisition and quality are not assured. Since HPE ArcSight technology is used in our SOC and at 35+ companies that we work closely with, we made it a priority to keep it healthy at scale and built an online Health Check. Our focus was precise on just 1 technology to make sure we got everything perfect and tune our predictive maintenance engine for cyber security technologies. In result we track over 550 diagnostic messages that are tied to every single ArcSight component to find any issues and solutions to fix them. Health Check can provide this data to you in less than 1 minute saving from 15 minutes all the way up to 1 hour for on every SIEM maintenance operation! QRadar, Splunk and Elastic support are also coming in by July 2017.

S.M.A. cloud is built with most rigorous security requirements including all data encryption in transition and at rest, data masking, is hardened according to CIS benchmarks and industry best practices and continuous vulnerability and threat monitoring.

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SOC Prime Inc., is a fast-growing US-based cyber security startup with world class expertise in core SOC technologies including SIEM, Vulnerability Management, Threat Intelligence and Managed Detection & Response Services. Our mission is to enable Cyber Resilience for any organization worldwide by making Cyber Security Management Effective, Simple and Accessible. Our clients and partners use Security Management Assistance Platform to fundamentally transform the support, confidence, operations and reliability of cyber security products and unlock their full value. We fuse Data Science and Practical security expertise with the best technologies to give you actionable unbiased security insight. In 2016 SOC Prime marked a +339% YoY revenue growth and in Q1 2017 a 200% increase in quarterly revenue compared to 2016.