SOC Prime is invited to take the floor at HP Protect 2015

SOC Prime is honored to become a participant of HP Protect 2015 that will take place on September 1-4 and to present a breakout session on Integration Framework for Qualys and ArcSight. We are excited to share our experience and findings with the cybersecurity experts, partners and leaders and to display one of our leading products.

Integration Framework for Qualys and ArcSight is designed to enhance the functionality of both solutions by combining their strengths and leveraging each other’s capabilities. It provides 14X benefits compared to the out-of-the-box functionality while providing maximum security, fastest possible deployment and all possible automation for SIEM and VM technologies as required by any modern Security Operations Center (SOC):

  • Integrating HP ArcSight and Qualys asset and network models to reduce resources required for maintenance and maximize accuracy of the models
  • Automatically detecting asset and configuration changes, as well as complex threat indicators
  • Enriching the SIEM asset model with web application categories and analytics to detect rogue web servers and apps at the company’s premise
  • Enabling interconnected incident detection workflow
  • Measuring the effectiveness of vulnerability and patch management
  • Empowering correlation use cases with compliance and configuration data, and more

HP Protect is one of the largest worldwide security events of the year, bringing together over 1,700 security colleagues from around the world. With nearly 200 sessions targeted at helping attendees understand internal and external activity and identify potential threats, hands-on demos, a Bad Guy Lair, a SOC and onsite support, attendees can accomplish more in a day at HP Protect than they could in months any other way. They can see and play with the latest security advancements in the CyberSecurity Hall, talk to the experts about the latest product and solution breakthroughs or spend valuable time learning about security solutions from dozens of partners.

More information about SOC Prime’s session