Sigma UI Module in Threat Detection Marketplace

Delaware, USA – April 26, 2018 – SOC Prime updated the Sigma UI module in Threat Detection Marketplace (TDM) with new features and interface enhancements. Sigma is an interconnecting language between other SIEM languages ​​and now is available online. Video guides will help you quickly get comfortable with all the new features of the module. Sigma is a universal language, which can help you create threat detection content easily, no matter which platform you use.

The Catalogue in TDM includes 159+ Sigma rules, most of which are verified in the SOC Prime test environment. Now you can save created rules for personal use only, as well as share them with all users from their company or TDM community. This option will be very helpful in cases of global malware outbreaks: after revealing indicators of compromise, experts can create actionable content for SIEM and other security analytics tools in minutes and share it with 3200+ users of the platform. If you see how you can improve any rule in the Catalogue, you can suggest your own version using the corresponding button.

The Sigma Translation tool allows you to convert threat detection content for existing security tools in your organization quickly and in real time. For example, you can automatically convert ArcSight Search Query into Elasticsearch or LogPoint Query in two clicks. Learn more:

Sigma UI module is available to every cybersecurity expert free of charge after registration in Threat Detection Marketplace: