Shadow IT Framework is released

Delaware, USA – November 24, 2017 – Shadow IT Framework for ArcSight and Splunk is available in Use Case Cloud. Any company has a lot of systems to meet the needs of information interaction between employees or business tasks, but sometimes employees decide to accelerate the process and make innovations bypassing IT and security by implementing into the critical business processes some kind of cloud service without proper control process. Shadow IT or Stealth IT is a term that used to describe IT systems and solutions used in organizations without the approval, or even the knowledge, of corporate IT. These solutions can be a source of innovation but can also violate security policies and lead to data leaks, for example, employees can store essential data in unverified cloud solutions or non-corporate shares.

Shadow IT Framework allows you to track such services used by employees in business-processes without informing IT security unit. With this use case, you will always know what cloud services are used by your company’s employees and can quickly intervene to prevent data leaks. It tracks most popular file-sharing services and also is useful for compliance monitoring.

Use Cases for ArcSight and Splunk:

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