Ransomware Targets Michigan Daily Graft

Delaware, USA – April 8, 2019 – Another local infrastructure was hit by massive ransomware attack. Disruption of routine operations requiring a computer and inability to process payments is only the top of the iceberg of all the issues that Genesee County, Michigan faced trying to restore after the Packman ransomware attack, the abc12 informs.

The ransomware appeared to be even more cunning and harmful than it was thought, and Michigan State Police and FBI are involved in restoring Country’s operations. Packman was discovered to have deleted backups, isolated computers and encrypted the compressed files. The Country officials confirmed that no information was compromised and no ransom was paid to recover the systems, however, the impact of Packman on the infrastructure caused a delay in restoring normal departments’ operations within the planned 4 weeks period.

Ransomware attacks at local governments in the US have disturbed routine operations and turned the office workers to pen and paperwork (1, 2), or even emergency services like in Jackson Country, Georgia. Due to poor cybersecurity awareness and outdated often unpatched software and equipment, local governments are easy opportunities for attackers.

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