IT Guard becomes the latest partner of SOC Prime

SOC Prime is pleased to welcome a new partner: IT Guard – the leading distributor of Information Security products in CIS countries.

SOC Prime and IT Guard signed a partnership agreement marking another step in global sales initiative. This affiliation means a strong intention of both sides to collaborate in the areas of SIEM and SOC automation, Predictive Maintenance, Integrations, Threat Intelligence and other joint infosec projects over CIS region.

“IT Guard has a lot of experience in IT industry with numerous projects over the last couple of years. Partnering with one of market leaders of that region is a big step and a new horizon for SOC Prime indeed. Our focus on business is similar – get the most from SIEM management by implementing procedures to boost ROI, cut costs and automate processes.

Nowadays we are facing the fact that some companies consider SIEM an out of the box solution by itself. A big mistake that causes big troubles for the future security of the company. That’s why IT guard and SOC Prime’s joint mission is to demonstrate correct approach to SIEM management by offering its products and services that will guide companies to the most efficient approach to SIEM management”, said Alex Donchuk, Regional Sales Director of SOC Prime.

You can visit IT Guard’s site by following this link