Introducing free and advanced content in Use Case Library

Use Case Library is a community-oriented platform that offers a variety of use cases for market-leading SIEM technologies. These cases solve practical tasks of cyber security by leveraging Machine Learning, statistical profiling, sophisticated integrations with Threat Intelligence feeds and exchange platforms.

There are two types of use cases available – free for any registered user and advanced that offer greater functionality, deeper analytical content, statistical records, behavioral patterns and support from their creators.

Advanced use cases can be purchased in UCL for Case Points. Such Case Points can be earned by participation in collaborative defense, for example: developing use cases, writing reviews of the existing ones, suggesting better algorithms, providing real life examples, etc. Case Points can also be bought from SOC Prime partners.

In order to receive an early access to the platform in August 2016, pre-register  for Use Case Library platform today! Follow our updates to stay informed, more than 50 organizations worldwide have already expressed interest in participating and more members continue to join. We are excited to start a project that will make the world a safer place, at least in cyberspace!

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