Developer Program Launch

Delaware, USA – April 19, 2019 – SOC Prime, Inc. announces Developer program for the global Threat Detection Marketplace. SOC Prime and the TDM platform has, first and foremost, always been focused on enabling the security community through our open-source and free to access tools. We’re doubling down on that commitment by introducing the Developer program for TDM; we hope to bring more content from the community into the platform specifically by incentivizing contributors. In addition to creating a culture of sharing and ultimately increasing the security capabilities of the entire community, partnered developers now have the opportunity to generate income through their contributions of detection content to our marketplace. Join us in our endeavor to better the entire security community and earn a profit along the way! To learn more, visit our developer landing page –

We know exactly how much hard work and coffee it goes to create quality threat detection and hunting content. Thus, SOC Prime will take care of selling and support and we need You to research and write rules. The Threat Detection Marketplace is used by over 5000 users, 2700 organizations from 128 countries. We gained our first popularity by sharing WannaCry detection case within 8 hours of the attack for ArcSight, QRadar and Splunk. We followed the tradition 1.5 months later by sharing the NotPetya detection content within 4 hours from the first victim being hit. These days we support 11+ SIEM technologies. In terms of rule formats, we need Sigma, Yara, Snort and Attack Simulation tests such as Atomic Red team. All of the above is dynamically mapped with latest MITRE ATT&CK™ meaning we have over 29000 rules with 94.5% of them mapped to ATT&CK.

As the next step in threat detection evolution, we now transition to content streaming and recurring revenue model for Developers!