Defend with the Power of Sigma: SOC Prime Introduces a Charity-Based Subscription to Help Save the Lives of Ukrainians

100% of the Subscription Revenue Goes to the Come Back Alive Foundation

Today, we have launched the release of a pre-order charity-based subscription with 100% of revenue going to the Come Back Alive Foundation, the largest non-governmental Ukrainian organization that uses funds to supply technology, training, and accouterments to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. You can make a pre-order for this charity-based subscription via SOC Prime Platform, and the subscription is expected to be activated in mid-April, 2022. By leveraging Sigma rules as part of this subscription plan, you make a donation helping to save the lives of Ukrainian people and defend Ukraine against russian aggression. 

The subscription provides access to the entire collection of Sigma rules against russian state-backed APTs along with 50 curated detection content items of your choice. Security practitioners can obtain this 1-year subscription in a few clicks via Stripe to proactively defend their infrastructure against russian cyber warfare with complete support and updates to the rules in stock. For an instant pre-order and more details on the subscription plan, please visit the dedicated page in the SOC Prime Platform at

If you would like to make a difference and support Ukraine in its defense against russian aggression, please make your own donation to the Come Back Alive Foundation at