CracksNow is Banned for Distributing GandCrab Ransomware

Delaware, USA – February 19, 2019 – A number of torrent sites banned a popular trusted uploader after multiple justified claims, TorrentFreak reports. It is the highly popular ransomware that hopped on another ride to abuse by hiding in the kindly rendered keygens and cracks. The files downloaded from the CracksNow uploader contain GandCrab ransomware that seriously damaged the victims’ machines, Captain Obvious is on target again.

An admin of 1337x banned the uploader’s account after having found the ransomware in their file for sharing and also informed the other torrent sites to investigate the situation and take measures against the uploader account. TorrentGalaxy has also taken the restrictive measures against CracksNow, and Pirate Bay has deleted their account without mentioning any reason. Although admins check the reported uploaders and mostly that are fresh accounts that try to hand round the injected files, and it’s rather uncommon for a proven account.
GandCrab which is delivered along with the downloaded files encrypts the files on the victimized computer and requires ransom paid in DASH cryptocurrency. The malware is constantly being developed and introducing refinements, both in its code perfidy and spreading mechanisms that have gone far than spam emails with malicious ZIP attachments. Spot and stop ransomware in your company’s infrastructure with Ransomware Hunter that provides detection and automatic alerting covering the full threat lifecycle: