Collective Cyber Defense Roadshow launched in Kiev

1st International Roadshow on “Collective Cyber-Defense 1.0: SOC services beyound the technology limits” has been launched in Kiev. Another successful event and another interesting forum.

SOC Prime CEO Andrew Bezverkhiy broke the ice of the First International Roadshow the under the auspices of ISSP and SOC Prime on the September 29th at the legendary 5 star hotel in the heart of Ukrainian capital with the message of the problematics of SIEM projects, trends and statuses of SOC implementation.


Then floor was taken by Alex Donchuk – Head of Sales- with the solutions to optimize SIEM & SOC and key issues of staff retention and the retention programs that could be applied to optimize work at your SOC. The research was followed by the official release and demo of Predictive Maintenance that was done by head of R&D division Volodymyr Garaschenko. Ruslan Mihalev’s speech with the brief insight on couple of Threat Intelligence cases was shown after a short coffee break for the full conference that gathered that day for the new trends of IT security.