Armed and Ready for Cyber Warfare Webinar

Join an insightful webinar on March 15, 2022, at 10 AM (GMT) to dive deep into the evolution of Russian-sourced cyber-attacks, check how to identify intrusions proactively, and confidently confront the growing concern of cyber warfare.

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In this session, together with our friends from Microsoft and Satisnet, we will overview some of the recent cyber-attacks launched by Russian military forces and state-sponsored hacking groups, delve into the ways to stay prepared to continuously confront the growing threat of modern cyber warfare using: 

  • SOC Prime’s Platform for collaborative cyber defense, threat hunting, and threat discovery
  • Microsoft’s XDR powered by Microsoft 365/Microsoft Defender for Cloud (Azure Defender) along with Microsoft Sentinel
  • Satisnet fully automated Managed Detection Service (MDR)

The founders from SOC Prime and Satisnet will cover the operation of managed detection and collaborative cyber defense to combat new and emerging threats and close with an informative Q&A session. Andrii Bezverkhyi, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at SOC Prime, will offer some perspective and insights from his unique vantage point inside Ukraine. Ruslan Mikhalov Chief Customer Officer at SOC Prime, and John McCann, Saisnet’s Founder, will overview operating a managed detection solution together with a collaborative cyber defense platform to stay ahead of the emerging threats and continuously detect them fast and efficiently. 

Leveraging the latest threat intelligence and detection logic powered by Microsoft security stack, SOC Prime’s Detection as Code platform, and Satisnet automated Managed Detection Service (MDR), organizations can immediately and significantly boost their cyber defense capabilities and stay prepared in this time of escalating cyber warfare threats.