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SOC Prime provides the common ground for cyber security teams and executive management. It is the platform to transform complex data from proven security technologies into real-time holistic view and actionable advisory. Our mission is to help security teams to continuously improve capabilities in finding risks, setting priorities and taking action before something bad happens.

Our clients and partners use Security Management Assistance Platform to fundamentally transform the support, confidence, operations and reliability of cyber security products and unlock their full value. We fuse Data Science and Practical security expertise with the best technologies to give you actionable unbiased security insight.

Our Predictive Maintenance service dramatically reduces time needed to operationalize SIEM systems that power SOC operations: support response time is decreased from Days to Minutes (5 minutes vs 2 days vendor SLA). We automate the routine processes of SIEM experts to free up their time to actually act on Threats detection, investigation and response instead of spending most of it on the SIEM systems tuning. This enables TCO reduction, secures the investments into existing security technologies and increases their ROI by producing more timely and accurate intelligence.

The second part of Security Management Assistance is Threat Detection Marketplace (TDM) – a platform for trusted exchange of SIEM Use Cases, analytical content and incident signatures supporting organizations across the globe with most accurate and up to date means to minimize time to Detect and Respond to Security Incidents. Based on the key principles of Collaborative Defense, TDM provides a reasonable level of security to all participants, regardless of SIEM technology used or budget constraints.