With SOC Prime’s Detection as Code platform, LTI saved 4,000 hours per year on threat research and detection content coding. SOC Prime’s solution enabled LTI to deliver timely, relevant threat detection content to the company’s end-customers matching their unique log sources, threat profiles, and disparate security tools faster and more efficiently than before. The company increased SOC efficiency by continuously streaming the latest detection algorithms aligned with MITRE ATT&CK® directly into their customers’ SIEM & EDR instances.


IT Services and IT Consulting



Company Size

45,000+ employees

SIEM & XDR in Use

Securonix, Splunk, CrowdStrike, Sumo Logic

  • Increasing the end-customers’ level of cyber maturity by automating the delivery of curated SOC content mapped to MITRE ATT&CK
  • Accelerating exposure investigation and threat detection velocity through performance-optimized threat searches in end-customers’ cloud-native environment
  • Automating content streaming of the most up-to-date Detection-as-Code content directly into the SIEM or EDR instance in use
  • Customizing content deployments tailored to unique organizations’ environments and non-standard data schemas
  • Resource Constraints and Alarming Attack Volumes. LTI has long been struggling to keep pace with authoring custom detection content, including the delivery of high-fidelity alerts and behavior-based hunting queries required of a large-scale MSSP that supports hundreds of global organizations with diverse security needs.
  • Multiple SIEM & EDR Solutions in Use. Delivering and supporting high-quality IT Services Consulting for nearly 500 clients from across the globe presents a daunting challenge and requires a solution capable of native translations for many diverse security tools and products. 
  • Complexity of Manual Content Deployments. LTI’s end-customers leverage multiple log sources and frequently apply non-standard tables, indexes, or fields in their environments that require default mapping for smooth content deployments. Performing these SOC operations manually is time-consuming and frequently results in parsing issues, syntax errors, and other security hurdles. 

Lack of Comprehensive Visibility Into Organization-Specific Threats. The ever-growing attack surface and an increasingly complex cyber threat landscape pose a pressing challenge for MSSP organizations to gather and analyze the entire pool of data across all end-customers’ assets.


LTI chose SOC Prime’s Detection as Code platform to accelerate their end-customers’ digital transformation journey while saving time on daily threat research, in-house detection content development, and ensuring customization options that match the unique security needs of hundreds of company’s clients. More specifically, the cost-efficient threat detection marketplace solution enabled LTI to address the following security silos:

  • Satisfy the diverse end-customers’ content needs and priorities aligned with industry requirements and unique organizations’ threat profiles.
  • Simplify content customization procedures and automate content deployments for increased SOC efficiency.
  • Develop comprehensive visibility into end-customers’ cybersecurity posture to identify gaps in threat detection coverage and offer an efficient way to address them. 

With SOC Prime’s seasoned expertise in 25+ SIEM, EDR, and XDR solutions, LTI was able to instantly deliver relevant detection content to their clients. To facilitate dynamic communication between SOC Prime and LTI, SOC Prime launched a dedicated Slack channel to address any identified gaps and fulfill the end-customers’ demands in real time. As an example of fast-tracked customer responsiveness, LTI was able to deliver Securonix use cases to their clients just three months after making a feature request for SOC Prime’s integration with this next-gen SIEM solution.

Ultra-Responsiveness to the Latest Threats & Increased Cybersecurity Awareness

Leveraging SOC Prime’s platform, LTI has provided its end-customers with in-depth contextually-enriched information on the latest threats and delivery of relevant detection content within 24 hours after threat discovery. As part of the value available from the world’s largest collection of detection algorithms, LTI’s SOC team is continuously updated on the latest trends in the cyber threat landscape via SOC Prime’s blog and Cyber Library with direct access to live webinar sessions on Threat Hunting, Detection Engineering, and other professional topics.

Delivery of Custom Detection Content Tailored for Multiple SIEM & EDR Solutions

With access to an immense library of 7,000+ Sigma rules written in the universal detection format, LTI can deliver curated behavior-based detections automatically converted to Securonix, Splunk, CrowdStrike, and Sumo Logic formats to match the environment needs of the company’s end-customers. This has helped overcome cross-tool migration challenges and enabled the company to save hundreds of hours on content fine-tuning for smooth deployment to the customers’ environment. Leveraging SOC Prime’s platform, LTI has accelerated the delivery of custom use cases for organizations in multiple industries, including banking, energy, and healthcare sectors which require adherence to exacting compliance standards.

Increased Threat Visibility & Streamlined Threat Investigation

Aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK industry standard, SOC Prime’s platform provides relevant information on adversary tactics, techniques, and sub-techniques. This has ensured LTI can increase cybersecurity effectiveness and dynamically report on individual company progress with a widely recognized MITRE ATT&CK framework reference, CTI links, and CVE descriptions.

Automated Streaming of Detection Logic Customized to Environment Needs

With SOC Prime, LTI’s clients can continuously stream up-to-date detection algorithms directly into their environment using the Continuous Content Management (CCM) module. Organizations leveraging the Splunk solution can make the most of the Splunk CCM app designed to accelerate content deployment and management capabilities. Once the detection from the selected content list matches the pre-configured tags, the company’s customers receive real-time alerts in the CCM app keeping their Splunk instance constantly updated on the latest threats. SOC Prime’s platform also allows applying non-standard data schemas leveraging the Custom Field Mapping capabilities. Since LTI’s end-customers use multiple log sources with unique field names, creating Custom Field Mapping profiles and linking them to scheduled jobs helps avoid parsing issues and streamlines non-standard content deployments.

Accelerated IOC-Based Threat Hunting

SOC Prime’s Uncoder CTI has enabled the company to supercharge IOC-based searches for threats leveraging automatically generated custom queries ready to run in multiple SIEM & XDR environments.

About LTI

LTI is a leading MSSP company delivering technology consulting and digital solutions to nearly 500 organizations from across the globe. Since the company’s foundation in 1997 as a Larsen & Toubro Limited subsidiary, LTI has been driving its mission to accelerate the digital transformation journeys for its end-customers across multiple industries, including banking & finance, insurance, energy, and healthcare sectors. With an international team of seasoned experts, LTI improves the effectiveness of their end-customers’ security and business operations enabling them to maximize value from technology and SOC investments. Focused on innovation, LTI aims to augment the company’s Managed Security services with next-gen technologies and accelerated SOC practices to enable operational excellence.

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