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Motiv is one of the leading MSSP and IT security providers in the Netherlands. The company delivers security solutions and services since 1998 ranging from defense of network and security infrastructure to consulting and application development. Motiv provides organizations in the public and private sector with innovative IT security solutions and services, prevention of cybercrime, data theft and data leakage. Their experienced security professionals offer a wide range of 24/7 Managed Security Services and hosting. Through its own Security Operations Center Motiv is able to detect, prevent and reduce cyber attacks, vulnerabilities and data breaches. In addition, more and more companies use Msafe, Motiv's cloud service for demonstrably safe file exchange.


Every day organizations face new kinds of attacks and theft attempts of valuable business data. Hackers are becoming more and more resourceful. A good example is current rise of ransomware, which takes sensitive data of a company as a hostage. With such a multitude of active threats, companies must not only know about them but also to have a real-time visualization of the changes in order to respond to possible incidents. Introduction of threat management process, scanning and risk assessment is a very resource-heavy task and requires many skilled hands.

From its own Security Operations Center (SOC) Motiv offers customers a wide range of security services for their protection: from Log Management, Security Monitoring and Technical Compliance Monitoring to Security Analytics. The technical heart of the SOC service is formed by the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. This system is critical to the timely detection of both internal and external threats.

However, upholding the highest quality of security services for a vast array of customers is no easy task. It is important that the available log information is of high quality, delivered in the right way to the SIEM system and interpreted correctly for proper operations. After careful consideration, Motiv chose SOC Prime’s products to achieve such results.


SOC Prime provides a powerful platform to monitor the “health” of a SIEM environment. This brings benefit to customers directly from the efforts of SOC Prime within the security monitoring services. Due to extensive automation of issues by SOC Prime the number of manual administrative tasks is reduced and Motiv specialists can spend more time on in-depth analysis and continuous improvement.

With our Security Operations Center we are able to take action even before customers notice that there is a problem,” says Anne Karine Hafkamp, Services Business Line Manager at Motiv. “With SOC Prime we can detect issues on our SIEM platform even faster. The information in reports on the quality of log data is detailed and perfect. Breaches and vulnerabilities of our clients can be visualized immediately in real time via the dashboard SOC Prime. This saves considerable time of the operation

Anne Karine Hafkamp, Services Business Line Manager at Motiv

Motiv becomes the first MSSP in the Netherlands to bring benefits of the SOC Prime platform to their customers”, joins the conversation Oleg Pasichnyk, Business Development Director at SOC Prime. “Because of minimization of downtime, errors and false-positives of the SIEM platform Motiv experts can focus on fast detection of threats and preventing incidents.”

Oleg Pasichnyk, Business Development Director at SOC Prime

About SOC Prime

SOC Prime is the pioneer provider of Cyber Operations Platform that empowers Enterprise and Public organizations to proactively defend against and effectively combat ever-changing cyber threats through automation of detection of known threats, freeing up FTE, consolidating expert resources and enabling sophisticated tools to uncover and take action against unknown threats and targeted attacks.