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March 15, 2022 · 5 min read

A few years ago, with the pandemic just starting to ravage the world, unprecedented changes shook all spheres of our day-to-day life, digital included. We’ve faced many necessary adjustments when steering different industries away from offline format to online. The transformation of knowledge sharing and creating professional networks brought sweeping changes in how people work, study, and interact. In cybersecurity, thought leaders are promoting digital-first engagement with webinars. For security professionals and their audiences, webinars became the time-tested standard for gaining and sharing knowledge and acquiring valuable insights into the fast-paced threat landscape and other hot industry topics.

Scale up your cybersecurity knowledge with SOC Prime! Watch webinar recordings from the comfort of your own home – there are plenty of areas to cover. Check out our security webinars of 2021-22, conveniently accessible for free to find yourself in a good company of top-tier industry professionals such as Adam Swan, Nate Guagenti, and Benjamin McPherson.

All the webinars are available for free right from a single space – our Cyber Library, the rich learning resource for security practitioners. Also included are multiple “how-to” guides for SIEM & EDR platforms offering instructions on creating detection content from scratch, solving deployment issues, and making it easier for Community members to master threat hunting skills. Registration has been simplified and does not require populating cumbersome sign-up forms.

Security Talks with SOC Prime held on January 28, 2021: Seamless Threat Detection w/ Corelight & SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace

This series of IT security webinars is dedicated to unraveling long-standing security issues and providing an overview of the hottest topics. The webinar covers the best approaches to leveraging the rich Zeek data from Corelight Sensors in nearly any SIEM with curated content from SOC Prime’s platform.

Security Talks with SOC Prime held on February 25, 2021: All About Sigma

In this session, our Threat Hunting Engineering Lead, Adam Swan, sheds light on everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask about Sigma. Viewers may expect to get a deep-dive Sigma analysis: why the format exists, how to understand the rule format, how to customize translations, and how anyone managing detections can benefit from using it.

Security Talks with SOC Prime held on March 31, 2021: Using Your Crystal Ball to Prepare for Adversaries Before They Strike

This webinar helps to get a grasp of the magic of behavioral rules for detecting advanced threats. In this session, our Threat Hunting Engineer Lead, Adam Swan, shares examples and insights from the recent Solarigate & Exchange Marauder/Hafnium campaigns.

Security Talks with SOC Prime held on April 29, 2021: Behind the Scenes of Detection Engineering

In this session, our Senior Solution Architect, Benjamin McPherson, dives into detection engineering fundamentals by analyzing top APT actors’ blasting cyber-attacks and nefarious activities. This webinar is crafted specifically to equip cybersecurity specialists with the necessary knowledge on efficient threat hunting, including automating the detection process, what log/data sources to use, what detection logic to apply, and how the Sigma rule format might contribute to the continuous threat coverage. Also, key tips and tricks to minimize efforts for proactive cyber defense are on the agenda!

Security Talks with SOC Prime held on June 30, 2021: How to Outplay Ransomware Gangs

The webinar is dedicated to exposing threat actors and discussing major trends behind the notorious ransomware attacks that hit the world in the past couple of years. Cybersecurity professionals are fighting high-profile ransomware attacks that are multiplying with every hour. Organizations across industries pin their hopes on technologies and professionals that can resist sophisticated and devastating attacks. In this session, our Threat Hunting Engineering Lead, Adam Swan, shares insights on the latest shift in the ransomware landscape, analyzes TTPs used by most prolific gangs, and provides practical tips to avoid disruption of company operations to help security practitioners combat the critical threat of ransomware.

Security Talks with SOC Prime held on September 17, 2021: Implementing & Customizing Sigma

In this session, our renowned threat hunting expert Adam Swan dives deep into scientific approaches on how to use Sigma for security operations advancement, speaks about correlation capabilities and complexity of Sigma algorithm, considering the threat hunting best practices globally. The webinar also provides use case analysis and a bunch of practical examples.

The world of cybersecurity is rough and rocky; thus, always staying on guard can smooth out this bumpy ride. This industry is a domain of constant change, so it is only wise to keep abreast of all the latest trends and developments. At SOC Prime, we are doing all we can to help you catch up with the dynamic threat landscape and stay safe. Tune in for more cybersecurity webinars upcoming in 2022.

Join our security talks with the SOC Prime experts to be the first to catch the breaking news in cybersecurity and hone your threat hunting skills. Crafting your own detection content? Tap into the power of the world’s largest cyber defense community! Cybersecurity researchers and content contributors across the globe are highly welcome to contribute to collaborative cyber defense by creating detection content to join the fight in combating current and evolving threats.

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