Fujitsu Cloud Storage Vulnerabilities Detection

Flaws in FUJITSU CentricStor Control Center

Fujitsu Eternus CS8000 (Control Center) V8.1. was deemed vulnerable to privilege escalation attacks in early April 2022, with the Fujitsu PSIRT (Product Security Incident Response Team) releasing an official security notice on June 1, 2022. Security researchers reported two security holes in the vendor’s Control Center software that enabled unauthorized attackers to gain remote code execution, thus running arbitrary commands on the compromised system.

Detect Exploitation Attempts of Bugs in Fujitsu Control Center Software

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Possible Fujitsu CentricStor Command Injection Attempt (via webserver)

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Fujitsu Vulnerabilities’ Analysis

Fujitsu CentricStor Control Center V8.1 was affected by two command injection flaws in mid-Spring 2022. The bugs were discovered by the NCC Group’s Fox-IT, who disclosed that the new vulnerabilities were caused by insufficient user input validation in two PHP scripts that are routinely included post-authentication.

These vulnerabilities allowed an attacker with no prior authentication to execute any command on the breached system. Any attacker with full control may access, edit, or destroy the entire virtual backup tapes. This may be the first step of a ransomware attack that leaves the target no choice but to pay the ransom to restore the data.

The vendor has assigned a Fujitsu ARF (Affection Risk Factor) to those vulnerabilities as Low-Medium.

The Fujitsu PSIRT recommends the affected users patch immediately using the official product updates.

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