Fake Voicemail Campaign Detection: New-Old Phishing Attack Hits the U.S.

New Voicemail Phishing Scam

A new phishing campaign is on the rise, impacting a wide range of industries and organizations in the U.S., including critical infrastructures such as security, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, the military, and also manufacturing supply chain. The scam began sweeping across the U.S. in May 2022 and is still going on. The targets receive a phishing notification email stating that there is a new voicemail attached, actually cloaking a malicious HTML attachment. When the victim-to-be double clicks on it, it redirects them to an Office365 and Outlook credential phishing site.

Detecting New Phishing Scam

To protect your company infrastructure and prevent possible infections, you can download a Sigma rule released by one of the Threat Bounty Program’s top developers  Osman Demir:

Suspicious Fake Voicemail Phishing Campaign Targeting the U.S. organizations (via proxy) – Jun 2022

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The rule is aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK® framework v.10. addressing the Initial Access tactic with the Phishing (T1566; T1566.002) technique. This detection has translations for the following SIEM, EDR & XDR platforms: Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft APT, Elastic Stack, Splunk, Humio, Sumo Logic, ArcSight, QRadar, FireEye, LogPoint, Graylog, Regex Grep, RSA NetWitness, Chronicle Security, Securonix, Qualys, Apache Kafka ksqlDB, Open Distro, and AWS OpenSearch.

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Voicemail-Themed Phishing Scam Description

“New is the well forgotten old” – the motto of the voicemail-themed phishing scam this article details. The phishing campaign that sprang into action last month is built on the very similar one, active in mid-Summer of 2020, security researchers from ZScaler report. This year, this cloud security company has become one of the targets, so in the attack’s aftermath, they released a thorough write-up on the threat.

According to the research data, the campaign targets U.S.-based users affiliated with rather large enterprises, aiming to steal their Office 365 credentials. Hackers behind the campaign use email services in Japan to route their communications and spoof the sender’s address, making the emails appear to come from the inside of the targeted firm in an attempt to make them more trustworthy. These phishing notifications contain a fake voicemail attached. Once the target opens a bogus voicemail, which is actually a malicious HTML attachment containing an encoded JavaScript, it takes the victim to a phishing site. The targeted user is first redirected to a CAPTCHA check, designed to evade automated URL analysis algorithms and strengthen an overall trustworthiness facade. Upon successfully passing the CAPTCHA check, the victim finds themselves on a page that mimics a legit Microsoft sign-in. At this stage, all the adversaries need is for the victim to insert their credentials properly – and, voilà! The target’s credentials are successfully harvested.

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