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Interview with Developer: Nate Guagenti

Meet Nate Guagenti Over a decade, Nate has both deployed and engineered network and endpoint SIEMs that have scaled to multiple-TB/day of ingest, while simultaneously using and training others on the deployed solution. As Nate has worked in all facets of IT, he adds the unique experience of someone who has performed both endpoint and network […]

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Interview with Developer: Thomas Patzke

We keep interviewing the developers of our Threat Bounty Program  (https://my.socprime.com/en/tdm-developers) to encourage cybersecurity professionals to develop more Sigma rules, share their threat-detection content and build a stronger community. The previous interview is here https://socprime.com/blog/interview-with-developer-florian-roth/ Meet Thomas Patzke Thomas is one of the most inspiring experts in the cybersecurity community who has 13+ years of […]

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